Achondroplasia Definition


What is it Achondroplasia  ? Achondroplasia done is a particular type of chondrodyplasia, either is a form of narrowing and / or elongation of the limbs. This disease is characterized by: Rhizomelia: which reaches the root of the limbs, the thigh or the arms; Hyper-lordosis: accentuation of the dorsal curves; Brachydactyly: abnormally small size of […]

Arthritis knee Treatment Options

Arthritis knee Treatment Options

The term arthritis (from the Greek arthron  : articulation, and from the Latin ite  : inflammation) refers to more than a hundred different conditions that are characterized by pain in joints, ligaments, tendons, bones or other elements of the musculoskeletal system. (The special section on Arthritis presents specific factsheets on several of these conditions.) Formerly, […]

Sickle Cell Anemia Symptoms

Sickle Cell Anemia

Sickle cell anemia is also known as sickle cell disease. This form of chronic and hereditary anemia is characterized by, among other things, very painful crises. Relatively widespread, it mainly affects people of black color: its prevalence is 0% to 40% in Africa and 10% among African Americans. Currently in the United States, 1 out […]

Andropause Definition And Treatment


Definition of Andropause  Andropause is defined as the set of physiological and psychological symptoms that can accompany the decline of testosterone in the aging man. It usually occurs at around 45 years of age at age 65. Andropause, from the Greek Andros, which means “man,” and pauses, “cessation,” is often presented as the masculine counterpart of […]

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