Chondrocalcinosis articular ± Rheumatism Hydroxyapatite

Chondrocalcinosis articular

What is it ? Joint chondrocalcinosis is an aging-related condition that is characterized by an accumulation of calcium microcrystals in the joints. It belongs to the group of microcrystalline rheumatism and has long been called pseudo-gout, their symptoms being very close, although the microcrystals involved are not of the same nature. Chondrocalcinosis can cause very painful episodes […]

Cirrhosis: what is it? Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


Cirrhosis is a disease characterized by a progressive replacement of healthy liver tissue with nodules and fibrous tissue (fibrosis) that progressively alters liver function . It is a serious and progressive disease. Cirrhosis most often results from chronic liver damage , for example due to excessive consumption of alcohol or infection with a virus (hepatitis B or C). This persistent […]

What is kyphosis?


In the normal state, the dorsal spine (located between the neck and the loins) has a curvature with posterior convexity. Conversely, the region of the neck and loins have a curvature with anterior convexity. Kyphosis is an exaggeration of the convexity of the dorsal region giving the back a too rounded position. The cervical and lumbar parts […]

Liver Cancer: Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

Liver Cancer

What is liver cancer? The liver cancer occurs when abnormal cells form uncontrollably in its tissues. Primary cancer (also called hepatocarcinoma ) is a cancer that starts in liver cells (called hepatocytes). Secondary or metastatic cancer comes from cancer that first formed in the body before spreading through the bloodstream. The growth of abnormal cells can cause the formation of a benign or malignant tumor . A benign […]

What is breakdown?


The breakdown is a muscular lesion consecutive to the rupture of a more or less important number of muscle fibers (cells capable of contraction contained in the muscles). It is secondary to an effort of intensity greater than what the muscle can support and is usually accompanied by local bleeding (which forms a hematoma). The term […]

Urinary tract infection: symptoms and treatments of urinary tract infection

Urinary tract infection

Definition of urinary tract infection A UTI is an infection that can affect one or more parts of the urinary system: the kidneys, the ureters, the bladder and the urethra. It is most often manifested by pain or a burning sensation when urinating (= the emission of urine), sometimes by abdominal pain and fever. Here are the main functions of different parts […]

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