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10 Homemade Dandruff Treatments & Shampoos


Most of the time people are suffering from dry scalp which they consider as a dandruff but both are very different in symptoms and medications are different. So first confirm that you are actually having a dandruff. Here are 10 homemade remedies to control and minimize dandruff.


  1. Pour, Rinse, and Barely Repeat With Vinegar

Rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar because it address the root of the problem. Dandruff is simply the result of death of the matured skin cells which causes irritation. Vinegar will help to get rid of the dead skin and don’t allow dandruff to appear and unclog the clogged pores. In another case the fungus main attack and results in the dandruff so vinegar also act as fungicide. Its use is very simple even easier than most of the shampoos.

Mix vinegar with warm water. Pour it genteelly on your hairs scrub hairs for several minutes. Wash hairs with natural water. Repeat the same steps for once in a week.


  1. Break It Up With Baking Soda

Baking soda is a common thing present in almost every house and is very helpful in removing dandruff. It helps to get rid of the dead skin and also acts as fungicides. In addition to this its microscopic nature helps to get rid of the accumulated particles in the hair follicles.

Mix some baking soda with one cup of warm water.  In the beginning your hairs may look dry but it has natural oils which will help to restore nourishing nature very soon. Don’t use shampoo along with it because it has all the qualities of a standard shampoo. But if you think that you need a shampoo as well then mix a tea spoon of baking soda in it.

baking soda

  1. Have Fun With Fenugreek

Common spicy plant used in dishes but can serve as medicinal purpose as well.

It contains amino acids and proteins that are necessary for the healthy growth of hairs. In addition to this it also contain natural lecithin helps to get stronger hairs. Some people also experienced that after use their hairs become silky and smooth as well. Soak seeds of fenugreek in water and left for overnight. On next morning grind them well and then apply on your scalp. Left for 40 minutes and then wash with natural water.



  1. Treat Your Scalp to Neem Leaves

It is the well-known home remedy for dandruff because it is a natural herb. They are mostly known to be active against itching, but they act as antifungal as well and inhibit the over-growth of the fungus that causes dandruff. Add two or more handfuls of neem leave in hot water. On the next morning rinse hair with the liquid paste that was formed initially. Then wash with tape water it will give a good look as well.


  1. Utilize Listerine

It is used in medicinal since since its formation after 1879, initially it was used as antiseptic for dentists. Research showed that it has much more potential than simple antiseptic so it was the first ever mouth wash used in America. In the late 40s it was believed that Listerine has the ability to fight against fungus and then it was used against fungus causing dandruff. Mix one part of Listerine with two parts of water. Soon after using a shampoo rinse the scalp area with solution made initially. Massage hair well and left for some time then wash with natural tape water.



  1. Get Some Sun

It is not known that why but sunlight have some links with dandruff. There are many cases when a person having dandruff exposed to sun and dandruff reduces appreciably. Possibly sunlight may help to minimize moisture or may reduce the growth of the fungus causing dandruff. Spend out 10-15 minutes in direct sunlight every day and don’t spend much time because UV rays are harmful to skin.

  1. Take Some Aspirin

Aspirin is commonly known to be used against headache but it has much more potential than this, and can be used as homemade remedy against dandruff. Aspirin contains salicylic acid an active agent in most of the anti-dandruff shampoos. It has fungicidal and anti-microbial properties which help to minimize the dandruff. In addition to this it also helps to fight against the extra flakes might be caused by the fungus. Make a fine powder of the aspirin mix it in the shampoo before use, then apply it on the hair and leave for at least two minutes then rinse with natural water.


  1. Take Advantage of Lemons

Lemons have the ability to shake the flakes because lemon juice contain acids that might get help to get rid of the fungus. In addition to this they help to rupture the floccules and exposed the fresh skin.  Massage hair with lemon juice and left the hair for at least 5 minutes. Rinse hair with tape water and then allow to dry it will give shiny look with dandruff free.

lemon ddf


  1. Use Tea Tree Oil

It is general believe that some oils increase dandruff but there are some which helps to minimize dandruff. Tea tree oil has been used over the years since after its formation. In Australia aboriginals pick these tea tree plant and grind them before using them as medication for burns, bites and cuts. This oil has fungicidal properties. It is advisable that it is harmful if ingested directly so always be aware of it.  Mix one table spoon of tea tree oil with one cup of warm water. Spray the mixture over the scalp after using shampoo. Leave it to dry but don’t wash it off.



  1. Enjoy Aloe

Aloe is commonly known to give you relieve against burn, but it may also help you to get rid of dandruff. Its ingredients are known to inhibit the skin cell proliferation. Since dandruff often grows because of the excessive growth of the skin cells so aloe help to decrease the growth of cells. Before washing hair apply the Aloe Vera gel on scalps. After that wash it gently.  

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