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5 tips to enjoy spectacular Christmas with your family

A few weeks before Christmas arrives in a real way, we are already thinking about it: in what we will wear for family dinners, in the food that we will prepare for Christmas Eve, in the party we will attend at the end of the year or even in what activities to do with the children to have fun.

But not only do you have to think about that, but it is also important to do so on how to get the whole family to enjoy these dates together, on how to make it happen a simply spectacular and unforgettable Christmas.

Precisely in that last aspect, so that you reach that goal for your loved ones, we want to help you from BabyAffinity. Therefore, here are some tips that will be very useful in this regard:

1-The quarrels, out

The first recommendation that must be taken into account to ensure that the next family parties are special and, above all, for the little ones to enjoy them, is that personal quarrels stay away from home. That is to say, that the problems or discussions that have been had within the home between one and other members are forgotten for a few days at least. And it is only in this way that harmony will reign, that nobody feels uncomfortable in meetings and that the only thing that predominates is love and joy.

However, to achieve that you can also choose, days before Christmas Eve or the end of the year, meet the parties involved, try to clarify things with dialogue and solve them for the good of all. In the event that they cannot be resolved, at least establish a truce until the holidays pass.

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2-Don’t be strict

One of the most important maxims that you should keep in mind in the next Christmas is that you should be more permissive with your children. By this, we mean the fact that you should put aside your habits and routines a little when it comes to bedtime or getting up. They are on vacation so allow them to go to bed later or wake up after the usual time.

In the same way, give them more “barracks” when it comes to eating sweets and sweets. In these parties, both have a lot of prominences and it is unthinkable that your little ones cannot eat them. So, allow them to enjoy them, of course, without exceeding their health.

3-Organize family activities

To be able to spend a Christmas in the family very happy and in harmony, you can also choose to organize activities altogether. So, in addition to having dinner or lunch on key dates, you can make your partner, your children, your parents, your nephews, and your brothers have a great time from going out to see the special lighting until spending evenings at home with board games. Of course, you can also get that if you meet to decorate the grandparents’ house or if you go to the theater, for example.

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4-Live the traditions

Also do not forget that Christmas, regardless of the religious root it has, can be enjoyed intensely through its traditions, which have become part of our lives. With this, we mean that the little ones in the family will have fun with the usual proposals such as setting up the nativity scene, going to Christmas markets, singing Christmas carols or even attending the typical concerts of those dates. In this way, children will discover all the fun that these parties have and if they do it together with their elders much better, because everyone will share time together and, in addition, adults will again feel illusion and joy for them.

5-Family album or video

Among the recommendations you should keep in mind for the family to live a very special Christmas, do not forget this one. Basically, what it is that all the members of it encourage you to make a photo book of the dinners or meals of those parties, fun and endearing album that will become a special memory and with which then, with the As time goes by, you’ll laugh again and get excited.

In the same way, if you are all very up to date with the technologies, you can substitute that set of photographs for a video, either recording each of the preparations for the meetings and even the development of the same or something more worked and thought, like a video clip or a choreography. You know, imagination to power! Visit here for more

Follow these tips and surely these Christmas holidays 2015 will be unforgettable for everyone, magical and full of love and fun in equal parts.

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