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6 Symptoms of Heart attack in Women

6 Symptoms of Heart attack in Women

Table of Content

  1. 6 Symptoms of Heart attack in Women
  2. • Chest Pain Discomfort:
  3. • Pain in neck, arms, jaw or back:
  4. • Stomach Pain:
  5. • Sweating:
  6. • Shortness of breath, lightheadedness and nausea:
  7. • Fatigue:

The thrush of heart attack is not so serious in women as in men. Women are not prone to the same symptoms of heart attack as men, such as severe chest pain (angina) that exudes along one arm. The common symptoms of heart attack may appear in women, but they may experience vague or hidden symptoms which are not very prominent.

Six heart attack symptoms have been identified in women:

• Chest Pain Discomfort:

Chest pain is the first symptom which can be felt, but mostly women experience it differently than male community. It can be felt as squeezing or fullness, and pain can be felt anywhere in chest region, not associated with just left side. It will make you feeling uncomfortable during a heart attack. The MD, director of Women’s cardiovascular agencies (University of California), Rita Redberg, says that “It senses like a vise being squeezed”.

• Pain in neck, arms, jaw or back:

This type of pain is mostly associated with women than in men. It normally confuse women who are expecting pain and just on their chest and the left arm, and not their jaw or back. The pain is sudden or it may be gradual, or it may be wane or wax before becoming severe. It can be highly intense such as, if you are sleeping, it may cause you to wake up. You must report any kind of “unexplained” or “not typical” pain in any part of a body above the waist to your GP.

Stomach Pain:

Most of the time people mislead stomach pain that might signals a heart attack with flue, heart burn, or common stomach ulcer. In some cases you may feel a pressure on abdominal region like a giant animal is sitting on your stomach.

• Sweating:

Cold sweat is normally associated with heart attack in women. It is altogether different from normal sweat which may ooze out due to exercise or sitting in outside under sun. Cold sweat may ooze out with pressure, and is always stress-related. Don’t ignore it and consult with your GP if you have cold sweat without any possible cause of it such as heat or hot flashes.

• Shortness of breath, lightheadedness and nausea:

If you are having difficulty in breathing without any possible reason, then you could have a heart attack. It can be easily generalized if you have other symptoms of heart attack. The shortness of breath is just like you have won a marathon, but in reality you even don’t move.

• Fatigue:

Most of the women with heart attack symptoms must experience uneven fatigue and tiredness, even if you don’t move for hours. The tiredness can be felt in the chest region as well. Women complain that they even don’t perform simple activities, like walk to the lounge.

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