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7 New Weight Loss Supplements

7 New Weight Loss Supplements

As the new medicines are launched day by day to get weight loss but some people also think that some supplements may also aid you during struggle for weight loss. But in case you got a chance to visit any health care store you will be overwhelmed after looking at the stuff.  But there are natural supplements which can facilitate you and are very much helping because of the natural composition they possess.


  1. Hydroxycitrate, Hydroxycitric Acid or HCA: It is a salt which is derived from after drying a fruit and getting rind of the particularly the plants among them the Garcinia Cambodia and brindal berry are the most common. Traditionally the HCA was used to treat stomach problems and for joint treatment as well. It is sold under the trade names such as brindle berry or brindal berry, HCA and garcinia and is also one of the primary ingredient in your diet product such a Citrin, Citrilite, Bio-Max 3000, phyrti-Max and Garcinia. Researches have reported that HCA is very helpful in reducing fats by absorption, help in increasing fat metabolism, appetite inhibition, and also helpful in lowering the level of cholesterol.hydr
  2. Chitosan

Chitosan is originally a fiber that is originated from chitin, which is itself a major component pf the shells or exoskeletons of organisms like crustaceans and insects. It is recommended by the wholistic practitioners in lowering your cholesterol level, additionally it is also known as dietary fiber which may help in reducing your body’s fat and also reduce the absorption of daily fats.chit

  1. Whey protein

It is known for many years as a protein which is helpful in building muscles. But it is now proved that the whey protein help in suppressing appetite and thus help you to eat less than normal. It is obtained from whey of milk and is among the easily digestible proteins. It is mostly comprise of the common amino acid known as cysteine. It has dual functions as it helps in building muscles and in response also helps in weight loss by losing fats.whey

  1. Beta Glucan

It is a concentrated and soluble fiber easily derived from yeasts, algae and mushrooms. It is normally available in many forms but all forms are known to reduce the cholesterol level and also help in weight loss and additionally also known to have effects in controlling

  1. Conjugated Linoleic Acid or CLA

It is reported that healthy fats and omega 3 fatty acids are beneficial for all kinds of things which may lead from heart health to brain health. Among the CLA is also known to have weight loss effects and also aid against cancer. CLA can be easily found in dairy products and beef. If you are vegan or vegetarian you will be at minimum risk of getting fat. Although CLA enriched dairy products are also available but you have to rely on the supplements containing the CLA which are normally derived from sunflower. It is the most popular supplement which help you in getting rid of the extra fats on your body.  CLA

  1. Glucomannan

It is derived from konjac an Asian plant. It is a fiber which is very much effective for diabetes and in controlling blood sugar level to normal and have additional properties which help in weight loss. Traditionally it was an important food source in terms of baked, dried and in candy. It is known to absorb water inside digestive tract and hence help in the reduction of carbohydrates and fats and researchers consider it as a diabetic control. In addition to all these uses it was also employed over the skin.glu

  1. Mango Seed Fiber

Seeds obtained from the seeds of an African special mango tree is known as the traditional remedy for weight loss in Africa. It can be employed either alone or in combination with some other daily used dietary products.mang

In Africa it is also used as a pain reliever and antibiotic. Now a day it is also prescribed as a supplement for weight loss and cholesterol removal.



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