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7 Pregnancy Life Threatening and Warning Signs and Their Solution

7 Pregnancy Life Threatening and Warning Signs

The signs and symptoms of pregnancy are part of the course but some symptoms are the cause of alarm.

You must know that what symptoms of pregnancy require warrant medical attention and in what cases you can wait for further other symptoms to appear. It is necessary to mention over here that always concern about your symptoms with your consultant because some symptoms need special care.


  1. Bleeding

Bleeding at different stages of pregnancy means different such as if you are bleeding irregularly and heavily along with severe abdominal pain and cramps just like in menstruation occurs and if you are feeling that you will be faint after first trimester, it is all what we called as ectopic pregnancy. The scientist believe that in ectopic pregnancy at any stage whenever the fertilized egg implants at any other place then uterus then it will be life threatening in most of the cases.

Additionally the bleeding may be the possible cause of miscarriage at first or early stage of pregnancy i.e. in early trimester. In the next step i.e. third trimester the bleeding with abdominal pain always indicate placental abruption. This happens when your placenta get separated from uterine lining.

It is necessary to mention over here that any kind of bleeding during pregnancy is serious so always consult with your doctor and you need proper care.

  1. Vomiting and Nausea

Nausea is very common in pregnancy, but if it gets worsen and severe it will lead to serious effects and means something different than ordinary conditions and you need special care and attention. If you are not able to drink or eat anything then you may get dehydrated, dehydration and malnutrition causes sever effects on your baby. If you are not getting rid of nausea then call on your doctor who will advise you some medications and may change your daily diet.


  1. Baby’s Movement Significantly Drops

If your first baby seems to be normal but have less or lower energy then how will you tell that he or she is normal or abnormal? The troubleshooting can resolve this problem. Bernstein says that during pregnancy eat or drink something cold and if your baby start moving or start responding against it then your baby will be normal.


Kicks counting can also help you to identify the abnormity, but there is no optimum range of movements all you can do is to check the movements then decide a baseline and then look carefully that he or she is moving on normal basis or not. According to one estimate that your baby should kick at least 10 time in 2 hours. If you are finding anything less than always call on your doctor to get better suggestions. Doctor will detect the movement of your baby with the help of equipment’s and then find out the possibilities of irregular or less movement.

4. Irregular Contractions in Third Trimester

During pregnancy the contractions are referred as a sign of preterm labor. But during first pregnancy most of the mothers are unable to identify the true and false labor. The false labor is normally termed as Braxton Hicks contractions. These contractions are characterized by the non-rhythmic, unpredictable and they don’t increase in their intensity. They are mostly known to subside with hydration. In case of regular contractions they are comprised of 10 minutes apart or may be less and with the passage of time it increase in its intensity.



In case of third trimester and if you think that you are having a contraction then call on doctor on immediate basis. The doctor will guide you about the birth of the baby and if it’s too early then he may help you to minimize the labor or even stop the labor.

5. Water Breaks

Suppose you need to drink water and you walk in kitchen for this purpose and suddenly you feel that fluid is coming out from your legs. It simply means that your water may have broken. According to doctors during pregnancy the uterus impose extra pressure on the bladder. It will initiate the urine leakage. It is generally believed that water breaking may be a dramatic gush but in some other cases it may be more subtle.


It is suggested that if you are not aware of the fact that whether it is urine or true rupture of the uterus membrane then use bathroom to empty your bladder. If the fluid doesn’t stop then it you must have broken your water and you need to call to your doctor to get better advices.

6. A StubbornAbdominal Pain, Severe Headache, Swelling During Third Trimester And Visual Disturbances

All these symptoms referred to the most common preeclampsia. Don’t ignore it because it is the most serious problem during pregnancy and is always fatal. High blood pressure is the leading sign of preeclampsia. Additionally you have excess of protein content in urine especially after the 20th week. If you find any of the above symptoms then immediately call on your doctor to get your blood pressure at optimum level and if you call doctor at the earliest time then you can easily catch the preeclampsia.


7. Flu Symptoms

The experts always suggest the flu vaccine to a pregnant lady, it is just because women are more reluctant to get sick and the condition may become more worsen with flu. The doctors suggest that if you have flue during pregnancy than don’t go to hospital or clinic to spread it in other pregnant ladies. You just need to call on your doctor at home.

All of these conditions need to get optimize during pregnancy to get your baby a healthy delivery and better future. In most of the illiterate cultures women are unaware of the consequences and in this way they risk their lives as well. So awareness is needed to establish a relation between these consequences and the pregnant lady, in this way she might be able to get the things right done at the right time.


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