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About Breast Feeding

To breastfeed is one of the healthiest options a mother and her baby can benefit from. It’s a natural way of providing nourishment to a growing newborn. Normally, breastfeeding is very safe for both mom and child, with little or no dangerous side effects. However, there are some dangers that may arise from breastfeeding. Watch out for alarming signals that would tell you that breastfeeding may not be good for you and your baby.

Crying that persists each time a baby is breastfeed may spell danger. For babies who ask for feeding a short while after he’s been fed, this may mean that he is not getting enough milk or he’s not getting enough nourishment. Well-fed babies normally wet five to six nappies each day. For those who don’t reach this number, it may mean that he’s not getting the right amount of milk his body needs. Check your baby’s nappies.

Observe babies who do not gain weight, who lack weight gain, who are very slow in gaining weight. If a baby’s weight falls in any of this, consult a doctor. This may mean he’s not getting satisfaction from breastfeeding. In the first seven to ten days, weight loss for newborns is quite normal. Weight loss for newborn babies runs around 10% of their birth weight. Something could be wrong with babies who suffer from severe jaundice and whose cries are faint. If your baby is like this, consult your pedia immediately.

Other alarming signs would be babies who get so upset when trying to suck their mother’s breast or babies who are only able to feed a few minutes each time then immediately falls asleep. As for the mother, if she is prone to incessant crying and feels down all the time, she may be suffering from postpartum depression. Get proper help immediately.

Breastfeeding moms should get enough support from her living environments since negativity can cause danger to her and her baby. She may also begin to resent breastfeeding, which is not good for her and her newborn. Should she be unable to get specific family support about breastfeeding and breastfeeding issues, she could seek needed support by enlisting in a support group for breastfeeding mothers. On the internet, there are lots of forums that focus on pregnancy and breastfeeding. Joining is quite easy. With joining, you get to interact with fellow nursing mothers. There, an exchange of views and information takes place.

When a nursing mom feels unsupported 0r feels a lack of support from her spouse and family members, she should be honest and open enough to talk to them about her feelings. Settle the negative feelings as soon as you can because the negative feelings may have negative effects on your breastfeeding and on your baby. A breastfeeding mother ought to feel understood and well-supported in her choice to breastfeed.

Women who have resorted to breast reduction procedures in the past can also have a healthy breastfeeding experience. Milk production depends on the type of procedure done but it is possible to have a normal production of milk. Nursing the baby as soon as you can, moves your body to produce milk and to produce a lot of it. Delays in breastfeeding delays milk production.

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