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Alcohol Poisoning

When somebody drink noxious amount of alcohol, usually over a shorter time, alcohol poisoning occurs, and is also named as binge drinking. A poisoning is simply an exposure to a substance in such a way that it damages your health, and put you in a danger. However, alcohol poisoning may occur, if some drinks household items containing enough alcohol.

Signs as Symptoms of Alcohol Poisoning

The common signs and symptoms of alcohol poisoning include:

  • A condition of confusion
  • Urge to vomiting
  • Fits and seizures
  • Slow breathing, usually less than 8 breath in a minute
  • Clammy, cold, pale-bluish, skin caused by the exposure of body to sudden temperature drop

Moreover, alcohol poisoning may also cause coma, unconsciousness and death.

What to do

Never leave a person having alcohol poisoning to “sleep it off”, because the level of glucose goes on increasing and symptoms become much more sever. The person should be carefully monitored, after being admitted to hospital, until the alcohol completely remove from the body.

How it can occur

Whenever, you drink alcohol, the liver must need to filter it out of the blood. As the alcohol is absorbed very quickly into the body, but the body has the ability to process only one liter of alcohol in an hour. Hence, if you drink a lot in a minimum time, especially in the night, body won’t have enough time to process it all, which results in alcohol poisoning. The blood alcohol concentration (BAC), will rise, the higher the BAC, the more adverse are the effects, which hinder the functioning of your body, such as:

  • If you have a BAC of 80 mg of alcohol/100 mL of blood, you would experience altered perception and loss of coordination
  • A BAC of 100-200 mg/mL, you would experience slurred speech, impaired judgment, involuntary movement of your eyes and loss of memory
  • A BAC of 200-400 mg/mL, you would feel sick, have double vision, hypothermia and slurred speech
  • A BAC of 0ver 400 mg/mL, you would have gone into coma, breathing difficulties and then followed by death

However, at very high levels of BAC the nerves may damage which control the automatic functions such as heartbeat, breathing and gag reflex and results in stopping you choking. Heavy alcohol consumption, may slow or shut down the functions, causing you to become unconsciousness due to breathing problems.

How common is alcohol poisoning?

In a limited survey in 2012-13, over 297,000 people were admitted to hospitals having injuries or conditions due to alcohol consumption. Out of these, only 34,000 cases were reported for alcohol poisoning, and around 50,500 were reported for alcohol related liver diseases. Among all these, the behavioral and mental disorder were the most common side effects of alcohol drinking.

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