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Balantis Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Balantis is a skin disease which involves a swelling or inflammation of the end of the penis(glans penis) and the foreskin. It rarely but can occur in the female clitoris also. The condition is usually a bacterial or fungal infection, which leads to an itching and an uncomfortable sensation. The glans becomes reddish with sometimes the appearance of a rash. It is not a sexually transmitted disease and can occur in any age group.

What causes balantis ?

  • Bacterial or fungal infection because of poor hygiene and cleanliness under the foreskin.
  • Chemical irritants such as harsh skin care products or latex condoms.
  • In young boys, inflammation may be caused because of a tight foreskin and a result of neglected hygiene.
  • Diabetic patients are at a vulnerable risk of being infected with balantis.
  • Partner’s vaginal secretions can cause the normal bacterial population in a person to multiply and start showing balantis symptoms.
  • Uncircumcised men develop balantis easily if the glans area is not regularly cleaned. The area under the foreskin is warm and moist and is most conducive for the growth of balantis causing organisms.

Symptoms of balantis:

  • Fortunately or unfortunately there is no pain involved in balantis.
  • Initial symptoms are small, distinct red spots under the foreskin or on the head of the penis. This can be accompanied by itching, irritation and mild discomfort.
  • Foul smelling discharge.
  • If unchecked, the condition may lead to development of small fissures in the surface of the skin. It will cause lot of discomfort if soaps, detergents come in contact with these small ruptures.
  • In certain cases, it might be difficult to pull back the foreskin and urgent medical help is required.

Treatment of balantis:

Treatment depends on the causative agent. So study your environment first in order to determine what might be causing balantis in you.

  • Get yourself checked for diabetes mellitus.
  • Incase you are allergic to some product; discontinue its usage on the penis. Your balantis will automatically disappear. But identifying the causative allergy requires time and alert observation by the patient.
  • Bacterial / fungal infections are treated with antibiotics to be taken orally and /or antifungal creams to be applied locally. But let a professional expert prescribe, depending on the severity of your condition.
  • In a few cases, where the patient is not responding to medical treatment, a need may arise for circumcision or removal of the foreskin.
  • The most important part of treatment involves cleaning your penis regularly. Everyone above the age of three should be careful about this.

Balantis is not a serious disease and is neither contagious. But, if left untreated, it can gradually welcome other more dangerous diseases. So do not leave it unchecked as a local, unhygienic inflammation, especially if the symptoms are recurring


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