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Bone Cancer, Symptoms, Types, Causes and Treatment

Table of Contents

  1. Bone Cancer 
  2. Signs and Symptoms of Bone Cancer
  3. Types of Bone Cancer
  4. Causes of Bone Cancer
  5. Treatment of Bone Cancer

Bone Cancer 

Primary bone cancer is one of the rare form of cancer which develop in the bones. More than 550 new cases of bone cancer are reported in just UK every year. Primary bone cancer is different from secondary bone cancer which spreads in the bones after initially produced in some other body parts.

bone cancer

Signs and Symptoms of Bone Cancer

The bone cancer can develop and persist in any bone but most of the cases are reported for the bones of the upper arm and long bones of legs.

The prominent symptoms include:

  • It is characterized by the persistent bone pain which get worsen as the time passes especially during night time.
  • Uneven redness and swelling of the bone and it can hinder your movement if it is near to the joint.
  • A very prominent lump develop on the bone.
  • Weakening of the bone that get fractured easily.

symptoms of bone cancer

If your child or you experiencing a bone pain which is persistent than consult with your doctor. If it doesn’t prove to be bone cancer then you need further investigations.

Types of Bone Cancer

Prominent types of bone cancer include:

  • Osteosarcoma: it is the most common type found in children and young adults in their teenage.
  • Ewing sarcoma: it affects individuals having age between 10 to 20 years.
  • Chondrosarcoma: it affects people with age above 40 years.

types of bone cancer

The bone cancer is mostly found in the young adults because of the early development and enlargement o the bones.

The above mentioned bone cancers area known to affect different cells so treatment always depend on the type of cancer.

Causes of Bone Cancer

In most of the cases real cause of bone cancer is unknown.

The most common risk factors are:

  • If you have been previously exposed to radiations due to radiotherapy.
  • A disease of bone known as the Paget’s disease may cause the bone cancer but few cases are reported with this disease.
  • The rare genetic disease known as Li-Fraumeni syndrome may cause the bone cancer because individuals have faulty genes which hinder their ability to stop the growth of tumors.

causes of bone cancer

Treatment of Bone Cancer

The treatment usually depends on the type of cancer and its stages in your body.

Most of the individuals require combination of:

  • Surgery: it is possible to replace the bone after its removal but some time it is unnecessary.
  • Chemotherapy: it is the treatment of cancer with powerful medications.
  • Radiotherapy: in this case radiations are used to kill the undesired cancerous cells.

treatment of bone cancer

In case of osteosarcoma a medicine known as mifamurtide may be given.

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