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Cardiovascular Disease, Types,Diagnostic Tests, Surgical Procedures and Medications

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  1. Cardiovascular disease
  2. Other Types of Cardiovascular Disease
  3. Diagnostic Tests, Surgical Procedures and Medications

Cardiovascular disease

It is combined name of the problems which are related to the process called atherosclerosis also known as heart or blood vessel disease. It is a condition which develops when a substance commonly known as plaque build up in the arteries. At that time arteries become narrow and blood flow become difficult. Due to plaque if any kind of blood clot appears it will stop the flow of blood. This will result in a heart attack.


Heart attack is the reslut of blocking of the arteries with blood clot as a result blood flow will stop. If the blood flow stop completely the part of the heart muscles to whom this artery was supplying blood will damage completely. Most of the time people survive after their first heart attack and return to their healthy life. But you need to worry after the first heart attack because body needs some modifications. Cardiologest will guide you about the medication and the changes in the life style according to the condition of heart failure and the disease causing the heart attack.

Isochemic is the most common type happens normally when the artery sending blood to the brain stops due to blood clot. When the blood supply to the brain stops the cells of the brain die. This results in the the ability to carry out normal function like talking or walking as previous. In severe cases hemorrhagic stroke occurs when arteries burst within the brain. Hypertension is the probable reason behind hemorrhagic stroke.

Some effects due to stroke are permanent if many cells die after a shock possibly due to the lack of blood and oxygen. The result will be severe loss because these cells can never replaced. If the repair takes place some pat of the body starts functioning normally. In some cases other cells of the brain take over the control of damaged areas. It will result in the perfection in dialogue, strength and sometimes remembrance as well. This is entirely about restoration in the brain and its working ability.

Other Types of Cardiovascular Disease

Heart Failure: It seems that heart stop breathing but in reality this is not the case, it is commonly called as congestive heart failure a condition in which heart stops pumping the blood as it was pumping in the paste. The affected heart keeps on pumping blood but couldn’t meet the body’s demand of the blood and oxygen. Condition may become deteriorate if doesn’t care initially. If your valued one is anguish from this disorder must follow the guidelines given by the doctor.

heart failure

Arrhythmia: it refers to the abnormal rhythm of the affected heart having many types. The heart beat become slowly or it beats irregularly. Bradycardia is the condition when heart beats less than 60 per minute. Tachycardia is the condition when heart beats more than 100 in a minute. During this condition heart drops the ability to pump enough blood according to the need of the body.


valve problems: it arises when the heart valves open irregularly or don’t open enough to allow the blood flow regularly. Alternatively if the valves don’t open and results in leaking the blood this condition is known as regurgitation. Mitral valve prolapse is the condition when the leaflets bulge in the upper chamber. If this happens closing of the valves disturbs in badly manners and they close irregularly. This will allow the blood to flow back to the heart.

heart valve problem

Cardiovascular Disease Treatment
Arrhythmia MedicationsPacemakerCardiac Defibrillation
Heart Valve Problems Medications
Heart Valves Surgery
Stroke Medications ClotbustersStroke TreatmentCarotid Endarterectomy (PDF)
Heart Attack Coronary Artery Bypass Graft SurgeryCoronary AngioplastyMedications, Clotbusters


Diagnostic Tests, Surgical Procedures and Medications

As the symptoms start appearing the doctor perform several tests and different procedures. These are essential because they help the doctor to evaluate the possible causes of stroke or heart attack and correlate the attack with the damaged it causes. These tests help to monitor the progress of the treatment.


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