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Chondrocalcinosis articular ± Rheumatism Hydroxyapatite

Chondrocalcinosis articular

What is it ? Joint chondrocalcinosis is an aging-related condition that is characterized by an accumulation of calcium microcrystals in the joints. It belongs to the group of microcrystalline rheumatism and has long been called pseudo-gout, their symptoms being very close, although the microcrystals involved are not of the same nature. Chondrocalcinosis can cause very painful episodes […]

What is kyphosis?


In the normal state, the dorsal spine (located between the neck and the loins) has a curvature with posterior convexity. Conversely, the region of the neck and loins have a curvature with anterior convexity. Kyphosis is an exaggeration of the convexity of the dorsal region giving the back a too rounded position. The cervical and lumbar parts […]

Cervicalgia, what is it?


Definition of Cervicalgia Cervicalgia is defined as pain in the neck , from the upper back to the neck. These pains usually subside in a few days or even weeks. Cervicalgia often has no serious consequences. Cervicalgia is often associated with sleep in the wrong position, prolonged use of the computer (magnified by maintaining a bad position). Or the tension […]

Musculoskeletal Disorders of the shoulder (tendonitis)

Musculoskeletal Disorders

Ice application – A demonstration This leaflet focuses on rotator cuff tendinopathy, the musculoskeletal disorder that most commonly affects the shoulder joint. This condition occurs when a shoulder tendon has been overloaded. Tendons are fibrous tissues that connect muscles to bones. When the same movements are repeated or improperly forced, small injuries occur in the tendons. These microtrauma cause pain and also cause a decrease in […]

What is Cervical Spondylosis ?

What is Cervical Spondylosis

What is Cervical Spondylosis Cervical Spondylosis is a disease that affects the joints and is characterized by wear of the inter-vertebral discs, the cartilage of the inter-vertebral joints, associated with affected bone nearby. The cervical osteoarthritis (sometimes called cervical spondylosis) is a form of arthritis affecting the cervical vertebrae located in the neck. This pathology appears most […]

What is Acromegaly?


Acromegaly is a disease due to an excess of growth hormone production (also called growth hormone or GH for Growth Hormon). This causes a change in the appearance of the face, an increase in the size of the hands and feet and also many organs, causing the main symptoms and signs of the disease. This […]

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