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What is schizophrenia? Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


Schizophrenia is a psychiatric illness that affects almost 1 in 100 people. The people affected are no longer in the real world and suffer from acute psychotic episodes. The symptoms of this chronic disease are severe and variable. They usually declare themselves between 15 and 25 years old. The most common symptoms are delusions and hallucinations. Schizophrenia requires treatment […]

Polyneuritis Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


Polyneuritis is an inflammatory disease that affects the nerve end of the peripheral nervous system. The causes are multiple (diabetes, alcoholism, drugs …) and its evolution is generally slow. About 5% of the population is affected and its frequency increases with age. Definition of polyneuritis Polyneuritis is an inflammatory disease that affects the peripheral nervous system, resulting […]

Social phobia: what is social anxiety? Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


Social phobia, also known as “social anxiety”, is an anxiety disorder , as is post-traumatic stress disorder and OCD (Compulsive Obsessive Compulsive Disorders). It is characterized by an intense fear of situations in which the phobic person is confronted with the eyes of others. This fear quickly becomes a deep anxiety when it comes to speak in front of a group of people or simply when it […]

Phobia (or irrational fear) Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


The term “phobia” refers to a broad set of psychological disorders, such as agoraphobia, claustrophobia, social phobia, etc. A phobia is characterized by the irrational fear of a particular situation , such as fear of taking the elevator, or a specific object , such as fear of spiders. But the phobia is beyond a simple fear: it is a real anxiety that seizes people who are confronted. The phobic […]

What is a narcissistic pervert?Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

narcissistic pervert

It would be more accurate to name this record “narcissistic personality disorder”, which is commonly called narcissistic perversion. In this fact sheet, the narcissistic perverse name refers to a person with narcissistic personality disorder. A narcissistic pervert or a person with a narcissistic personality disorder is a person who has a self-depreciating image of himself and who values ​​himself by […]

Borderline personality disorder Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


Borderline disorder, also known as borderline personality disorder, is a complex psychiatric disorder whose manifestations are highly variable from one person to another (in this case, there is significant polymorphism). Generally, people who suffer from this mental illness have significant emotional and emotional instability. They have difficulty managing their emotions. They can get carried away easily, unpredictably, and have impulsive behaviors. Mood […]

Parkinson’s disease Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


Parkinson’s disease is a disease of the nervous system that affects movement. It develops gradually, sometimes starting with a tremor barely perceptible with one hand. It also causes stiffness or slowing of movement. The Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative disease which results from the slow and progressive death of neurons in the brain. As the area of ​​the brain affected […]

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