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What is Horton’s disease? Symptoms and Treatment

Horton's disease

The GCA (sometimes called temporal arteritis or cranial arteritis) denotes an inflammatory disease characterized by inflammation of blood vessels , in particular arteries located at the temples ( temporal arteries ). This disease affects more women over 50 and its origin is poorly known. Drug treatment should be given as soon as the first symptoms appear to avoid complications (aneurysm, blindness, and stroke). Description The […]

What is Graves’ disease? Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Graves' disease

Graves’ disease is related to a hyperthyroidism, which can have more or less important impacts on the functioning of the body: cardiovascular, respiratory, muscular, and others. Definition of Graves’ disease Graves’ disease, or exophthalmic goitre, is characterized by hyperthyroidism. Hyperthyroidism is itself defined by too much production (more than the body needs) of thyroid hormones […]

lymphedema Symptoms and Treatment


What is it? Lymphedema is characterized by a chronic increase in the volume of a limb, related to an accumulation of lymphatic fluid. The swelling occurs when the lymphatic vessels do not drain the lymph effectively enough, which accumulates in the tissues under the skin. Lymphedema can lead to infectious, skin and rheumatological complications. There is no cure […]

What is a lumbago?


A acute, another name for lumbago refers localized pain in the lower back is what is commonly called the “back strain” caused by an unfortunate gesture. This condition is muscular and has nothing to do with the kidneys. There are two types of low back pain: chronic low back pain (long and difficult to treat) and acute […]

What is Eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, hyperphagia) & Treatment

Eating disorders

Eating disorders, also known as eating disorders or eating disorders (ACD) are serious disturbances of eating behavior. Behavior is considered “abnormal” because it is different from usual eating habits but mostly because it has a negative impact on the physical and mental health of the individual. CAW affects many more women than men, and often begins in adolescence or early adulthood. […]

Leptospirosis Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


Leptospirosis is an infectious disease caused by a bacterium of the genus Leptospira.It is an animal-transmitted infection, a zoonosis, and is the most common zoonosis in the world. Animals transmitting the disease are most often rodents harboring the bacterium in their kidneys and eliminate it by urinating, hence a nickname given to leptospirosis: the rat disease. Transmission is […]

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