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Otitis media: all about otitis in children and adults Symptoms and Treatment

Otitis media

Note: this file only mentions acute otitis media , thus excluding chronic otitis media and otitis externa, an infection of the external ear canal whose causes and treatment are different from those of otitis media. medium and otitis interna, or labyrinthitis, very different and rare. For more information about it, see our Labyrinthite fact sheet  . Acute otitis media: definition […]

Otitis externa, what is it? Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Otitis externa, also called “swimmer’s ear”, is an inflammation of the external canal of the ear. This inflammation usually causes pain, more or less intense. These are accompanied by irritation and itching. Appropriate treatment can limit the evolution of the disease. Definition of otitis externa Otitis externa is characterized by inflammation (redness and swelling) of the external canal […]

Meniere’s disease Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


The Meniere’s disease (or Meniere’s syndrome) is characterized by recurrent attacks of vertigo that are accompanied by hissing and ringing in the ears (tinnitus) and a hearing impairment . Most often, only one ear is affected. This is a chronic disease . The frequency of seizures is highly variable and unpredictable. Most sufferers have some seizures a year, but some have several a week. Between crises, periods of remission can last […]

Vestibular neuronitis (labyrinthitis) Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


Focus. There is confusion around the term labyrinthite . This word is often used, wrongly, to refer to vestibular neuronitis . Now, true labyrinthitis is another affection of the ear, much rarer. It is very similar to vestibular neuronitis but also causes a decrease in hearing and tinnitus. True labyrinthitis is a medical emergency. The vestibular neuritis is characterized by the sudden onset of intense dizziness . The sufferer […]

Tinnitus Symptom and Treatment


The tinnitus is “parasitic” sounds a person hears without that they actually exist. These can be whistles, buzzing or clicking, for example. They can be seen in one ear or in both, but can also be present inside the head, front or back. Tinnitus can be occasional, intermittent or continuous. They result from a dysfunction […]

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