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Category: Eye Diseases

Dry eye syndrome


We do not only cry when we are sad: we continuously produce tears to moisten our eyes constantly, to clean them and protect them from foreign bodies. These tears or tear film is a complex mixture of water, fatty acids, proteins, electrolytes, and antibacterial substances. This mixture keeps the surface of the eye clean and clear and prevents infections. Without […]



The uveitis is inflammation of part or all of the uvea. It can cause redness in the eye. The uvea, which lies in the middle layer, ie in the center of the eye, is composed of the iris, the choroid, a membrane that irrigates the retina, and the ciliary body. The iris is the colored part of the eye around the pupil that controls how much […]

Toxocariasis Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

What is it? Toxocariasis is a cosmopolitan parasitic infection. It concerns more particularly children and is caused by the parasite: Toxocara. Different species of this parasite exist according to the host hope: – T. canes, in the dog; – T. cacti, in the cat. This is a zoonosis. Either a disease transmitted from the animal to the man. The parasite thus contaminates […]

Strabismus Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


Strabismus affects about 4% of the population. It corresponds to an abnormal deviation of one eye: strabismus is said to converge when the eye is deflected inwards towards the nose. This is the most common form of strabismus: twice when strabismus diverges, when the eye is deflected outwards. As for vertical strabismus with the deviation of an eye […]

Photophobia Symptoms and Treatment


What is it ? Photophobia is characterized by increased sensitivity to light or even complete intolerance to it. Light, even of low intensity, can cause visual discomfort, eye problems (dry eyes, pain), migraines, etc. The genes caused by light cause the eyes to fold in sensitive persons, or even to close them completely when the sensitivity is […]

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