Category: Rare Diseases

Fabry’s disease Symptoms and Treatment


What is it ? Fabry disease is a hereditary disorder characterized by the accumulation of a particular form of fat called globotriaosylceramide. This fat can accumulate in the cells of the body from childhood, causing atypical symptoms throughout the body. This is a progressive and multisystemic lysosomal pathology, a pathology that affects structural elements involved in […]

Hypothermia: causes, symptoms


Hypothermia is a situation where the body temperature of an individual is below 35 ° Celsius. Hypothermia causing the individual’s body temperature to be too low, without prompt management, can be fatal. Definition of hypothermia Hypothermia is a decrease in body temperature below 35 degrees Celsius (with a body temperature reference of 37 degrees Celsius). A […]

What is breakdown?


The breakdown is a muscular lesion consecutive to the rupture of a more or less important number of muscle fibers (cells capable of contraction contained in the muscles). It is secondary to an effort of intensity greater than what the muscle can support and is usually accompanied by local bleeding (which forms a hematoma). The term […]

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