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Teratospermia: definition, causes, symptoms and treatment


Teratospermia (or teratozoospermia) is a spermatic abnormality characterized by spermatozoa with morphological defects. Because of these malformations, the fertilizing power of sperm is impaired, and the couple may have difficulty conceiving. What is teratospermia? Teratospermia is a spermatic abnormality characterized by spermatozoa with morphological defects. These abnormalities can affect different parts of the spermatozoon: the head, which […]

Syphilis Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


The syphilis is a sexually transmitted infection (STI) caused by a bacterium called Treponema pallidum . It is initially manifested by the appearance of a painless ulceration in the penis, vagina or anus . If left untreated, syphilis can cause serious health problems , affecting the heart and brain. Syphilis was a major cause of disability and mortality but has been much less common since the […]

Genital prolapse Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


Genital prolapse refers to the abnormal descent of one or more organs in the pelvic cavity. This phenomenon mainly affects women after 45 years and mainly affects the bladder, uterus, or rectum. Prolapse results from weakening or stretching the muscles and / or ligaments that support these organs. About 11 in every 100 women experience prolapse during their lifetime. The choice of treatment […]

Phimosis: what is it? Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


The phimosis occurs when the foreskin (the fold of skin covering the glans penis) can retract to expose the glans. This condition can sometimes increase the risk of inflammation between the glans and the foreskin . Phimosis exists only in men whose penis is only partially circumcised or uncircumcised. Phimosis is naturally present in infants and young children. Then he usually disappears on his […]

STDs and STIs: All about Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Infections

STDs and STIs

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), now known as sexually transmitted infections (STIs), are infectious diseases that are caused by the transmission of pathogens during sexual intercourse. An STD requires early detection to limit the risk of complications. What is an STD? STD is the abbreviation for sexually transmitted disease. Formerly known as venereal disease, an STD is an […]

Male sexual dysfunction Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


The sexual dysfunctions and disorders of desire can affect everyone, both men and women and at any age. The supposedly fulfilling sexuality can then weigh heavily on the shoulders of a couple. Whatever the problem, it is often difficult to discern what is related to a physical attack of what is psychological. Ideas, thoughts and feelings are as important as physical manifestations. Main forms of […]

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