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Toothache: how to define and explain this dental pain? Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


Toothache is intense dental pain. It is the consequence of pulpitis, inflammation of the inner part of the tooth. Solutions exist to relieve a toothache. What is a toothache? Toothache is an intense dental pain. It is due to pulpitis, inflammation of the dental pulp, which corresponds to the inner part of the tooth. The dental pulp includes various nerves and […]

Periodontitis Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


Periodontitis is an inflammation of the tissues that surround and support the teeth, known as the “periodontium”. These tissues include the gingiva, supporting fibers, called the periodontal bone and the bone in which the teeth are anchored. Periodontitis is a bacterial disease that occurs most often when immune mechanisms are weakened. Periodontitis usually begins with inflammation […]

What is Dental occlusion

Dental occlusion

Dental occlusion is the way the upper teeth “mesh” with the lower teeth. We can say that it is all the contacts between the opposing teeth. These contacts are called “intercuspal contacts” because the chewing surface of each tooth is composed of furrows and cusps, a kind of protuberance found at the top.  Normal occlusion “Normal” occlusion […]

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