Healthy Pregnancy Tips

pregnancy tips

A woman’s life will be fulfilled when she delivers a baby. For most women, first time pregnancy would bring in fears which will overcome the happiness. Worries and pregnancy go hand in hand. But if proper care is taken at the time of pregnancy, one can avoid several problems. A healthy lifestyle is the key […]

Constipation, Causes, Treatment and prevention


Constipation, Causes, Treatment and prevention  Introduction  People of all ages are affected by constipation. It is a condition in which you are unable to completely empty your stomach. Constipation appears when you are not passing stools regularly. Your stools become hard and lumpy due to constipation, they may be large or small. Condition during constipation […]

Causes of Upper Back Pain

upper back pain

Causes of Upper Back Pain The upper back pain is mostly caused by sudden injury or trauma, or it may also be caused by the poor posture over time or through strain. The upper back pain has become accustomed complaint from those who are working regularly on computers. It is also known that the upper […]

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