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Chalazion Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

The chalazion is defined by the formation of a cyst at the level of the eyelid. This cyst is usually innocuous, and painless.

Definition of chalazion:

The chalazion is characterized by the formation of a cyst (area of ​​swelling of a tissue containing fluid) at the level of the eyelid.

This cyst is usually not painful, but may take some time to fade.

In the majority of cases, the formation of such a cyst does not cause vision problems. But the vision can be degraded in the context of a very large swelling, causing pressure on the eye.

The causes of chalazion:

The Meibomian glands are located at the inner part of the eyelid. These allow in particular the irrigation of the eye and thus to keep a certain humidity in the eye, thanks to the secretion of an oily fluid.

The chalazion is then the consequence of a blockage in these ocular glands. Indeed, when these glands are “blocked”, the liquid allowing hydration of the eye cannot circulate. This results in the formation of a cyst.

In the most extreme cases, the cyst can be likened to a nodule.

The symptoms and treatments of Chalazion.

Symptoms of chalazion

During cyst formation, an annoying and uncomfortable sensation may be felt.

This cyst, characteristic of the chalazion, may resemble a small local nodule, but its development (in the form of swelling) may spread gradually to the entire eyelid.

As part of a cyst infection, the cyst can turn red, sore and hot.

The risk factors associated with the pathology are a lack of hygiene in the eyes but can also be totally harmless. Indeed, the appearance of this kind of cyst can be sudden and without underlying reason.

Chalazion treatment

The diagnosis of the disease requires only a visual examination. Indeed, the finding of swelling in the eyelid is directly visible both by the patient as well as by the doctor, during his consultation.

In most cases, the cure of the pathology and the reduction of associated symptoms is spontaneous, rapid and without treatment.

If the cyst causes discomfort or visual disturbances, the application of a wet washcloth to the eyelid may be recommended. In fact, moisture reduces the sensation of discomfort and reduces pain, if it is present.

The part of the eyelid swollen, or even infected, should be cleaned with a cotton swab dipped in boiled water and cooled. This method can also be used as part of the mitigation of clinical signs of chalazion.

In a context, rarer, where the cyst damages the vision or is really painful, the consultation of an ophthalmologist may be necessary.

In the majority of cases, the chalazion disappears as it appeared: quickly, suddenly and without any real explanation.

Nevertheless, if the site concerned is infected, it must quickly consult to treat the site at the earliest and thus limit the spread of effects to other tissues. The treatment of an infection of bacterial origin is then effective by antibiotic therapy.

The surgical procedure, as part of a chalazion is very rare, but possible.

The recurrence of the chalazion is very rare. However, some patients seem to be more subject to recurrence of the disease than others. The return of the cyst is therefore rare, but possible.

As part of the prevention of the formation of such a cyst, it is then recommended to adopt a good hygiene (in order to limit infections), especially in the eyes.

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