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Child Depression: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

You may come across situations in your life when your child gives up food, becomes reclusive, angry, obsessed, or simply quiet. Losing that smile on your child’s face is the most painful thing for a parent, which is why it is very important for us to understand how to overcome the problem. Depression in children is far more complex than in adults. The doctors need to go over the entire situation with a bird’s eye view of everything around the child. As parents, one should be educated about such troubles in children to be better equipped if the situation is similar at their own place.

Bullying, negligent parenting, stressed out parents etc are the most widely known reasons for a child to be depressed. Parents usually spend too much time worrying about physical health but ignore the emotional health of their child. It is important to have a very sound communication system intact between yourself and your child so that you may have some idea as to what is causing the stress.

Teen depression is a raging topic with all the parents all over the world. An age where you’re neither young nor old could be very stressful on its own, especially when your emotional and physical being is undergoing changes. This metamorphosis is a very delicate time for both the parents and the child. Negativity may easily enter the child’s system and continue to flourish if not treated in time. For teen depression, usually cognitive therapy is used where the doctor focuses on blocking away negative thoughts in patients, develop positive social skills, and assist in adopting relaxing techniques, meditation etc.

While getting an expert to deal with your child’s depression is definitely easier and an assured way of treating your problem, it may not be all that effective on its own. It is important to develop what we may call a family therapy.

Look around yourself. Assess your situation and your relationship.  Have you been too harsh or overly critical? Do you stay stressed out? Where do your everyday discussions usually head to? How much time do you spend together shopping, talking, etc? Answering these questions every once in a while may keep you right on track with your child.


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