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Collagen Supplements- The Power House of Health Benefits

Collagen is a protein found in the body in abundance. It is the crucial component of the connective tissues which make up different body parts which include muscles, skin, ligaments, and tendons. Collagen has different vital functions such as strengthening the bones and offering structure to the skin. Of late collagen supplements have gained immense recognition.

Most of these are hydrolyzed meaning that the collagen has broken down thereby making it simpler for one to absorb. Besides, there are some foods that one can consume for boosting up their intake of collagen including bone broth and pork skin. Taking collagen supplements can offer an array of health benefits right from improving the skin health to relieving joint pain and much more.

A Close Look at the Different Health Benefits

Take a look at the different health benefits of taking collagen supplements,

  • Improve Skin Health- Being a vital component of the skin; collagen plays a pivotal part to strengthen the skin along with benefitting hydration and elasticity. With age, one’s body will produce collagen in lesser quantities resulting in wrinkle formation and dry skin. Collagen supplements or collagen peptides can help to slow the skin aging process by reducing dryness and wrinkles. These supplements can also prevent acne as well as other skin conditions.

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  • Relieve Joint Pain- It has been proved that collagen can help in maintaining the cartilage’s integrity, the rubber-like tissues which protect the joints. When the collagen level in the body decreases with age, people have the risk to develop degenerative joint disorders like osteoarthritis. Collagen supplements can help in improving osteoarthritis symptoms and also reduce overall joint pain. If you wish to know more about the best collagen supplements, visit
  • Prevent Bone Loss- Bones mostly are made of collagen that provides the structure as well as keeps them healthy. The deterioration of collagen in the body also deteriorates the bone mass leading to osteoporosis that is characterized via low bone density thereby resulting in the higher danger of bone fracture. Collagen supplements will help in inhibiting the breakdown of the bones which causes osteoporosis.

  • Boost Muscle Mass- Somewhere around 1-10% of the muscle tissue in the body is made of collagen which is essential for keeping the muscles strong along with functioning correctly. Collagen supplements can help in boosting the muscle mass especially in those with sarcopenia which is the muscle mass loss which occurs with age. Taking collagen supplements can help in promoting the muscle protein’s synthesis like creatine along with stimulating the growth of the muscle post exercise or workout.
  • Promote Heart Health- As per a study it has been discovered that collagen supplements can also help in cutting down the perils of conditions that are heart-related. Collagen will offer structure to the arteries in the absence of which the arteries are likely to become fragile and weak resulting in atherosclerosis. This heart ailment can lead to a stroke and a heart attack.

Apart from those mentioned above, the other health benefits of taking good collagen supplements include strengthening nails and hair, support gut health, improve brain health, and helps in weight loss. Before taking collagen supplements to ensure to consult your physician for best results.

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Updated: March 28, 2019 — 3:03 pm
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