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Deca durabolin, Dosage, Uses, Advantages and Side Effects

Deca durabolin

Deca Durabolin is one of those drugs that have a good half life of 15-16 days and can be detected inside the body over a long period of time from 16-18 months after its use. Deca is an anabolic andergonic steroid and available in the market in different varieties such as capsules, creams, pills and sometimes in the form of gel. The main reason behind its popularity is that it enhances the immune system and helps in recovering your immune system which in turn help to negotiate with HIV and AIDS and in some cases it acts as relief against blood disorders. This drug is being frequently used by the sportsmen to increase protein synthesis and nitrogen recovery during rest period in between the games.


This steroid is likely to b praised by its users even after long term use, it will not cause oily skin and prostrate complications. Deca provides you so many advantages, even it will mask your joint pains reduce inflammation of the tissues increase secondary sexual hormones which in turn promote the growth of body hairs, vocal cord and testes a sign of puberty.


The dose recommended is as follows

For men

300-800 mg per week

For bulking cycles 600 mg per week for 14-16 weeks

For women

50-100 mg per week


But over dosage or low dosage can cause severe problems which include edema, menstrual problems, liver damage, heart attack in severe cases, liver toxicity. In some cases it results in high blood pressure, cholesterol problems, shrinkage of testes, oily skin, infertility and some cases severe sexual problems may arise. So it is advisable that doesn’t use deca by your own always first concern a talented doctor or physician and then start deca durabolin cycle.

But despite of all these problem deca durabolin is one of the healthiest drugs to be used for muscle regain and to improve your performance and your immune system. Once your immune system starts working normally you will be safe from HIV and AIDS.


Since, it is a steroid and has low aromaticity so it will not cause problems relating to estrogen and testosterone so it is a very healthy product for sportsmen to boost them in their peak hours and also in their rest time, so that they can work at their best. It will strengthen your body and provide muscle mass so that body cuts will become more prominent and you can bear load more easily and for more time than ever. Deca durabolin is also healthy product for all those athletes who stay in camps with other athletes and people where there is a high risk of HIV attack and as a result AIDS will occur. Other life threatening problems associated with the use of excessive Deca durabolin is hepatitis. But at low dosage abnormal liver functioning may occur


In some cases there is retention of oxygen, nitrogen, calcium, potassium and sodium. Gas problems may occur leading to headache nausea and vomiting.

In females the most common problem is deepening of their voice and menstrual abnormalities may occur. But at the same moment it is use to treat osteoporosis in women a common disease in which the bones become weak.d

Deca durabolin is not fit for all of you in fact some of you are advice never take deca durabolin, and others take this with special cure and the prescriber of this drug must know your medical history. Donot use deca durbolin in children or allergic patients. After long term use of this drug you may not be fit for this drug so at that you must consult your doctor.




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