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Diet and Breast Feeding

Breastfeeding is one great privilege a mother is able to do. This is when she nourishes the growing baby inside of her with the right blend of food, in order to ensure healthy development and growth. A mother’s breast milk gives a complete combination of nutrients needed by a growing fetus for it to thrive and grow. Through breastfeeding, needed antibodies are passed onto a newborn baby. These antibodies help lessen risks of sicknesses and possible infections.

It is important for a breastfeeding mom to make sure her needs are met and also that of her baby’s. Though some cases of anemia or calcium deficiency do not affect the quality of one’s breast milk, it is still important for a pregnant woman to pay attention to her physical wellbeing. A healthy body helps set joyful moments of breastfeeding and bonding with one’s child.

Daily requirements seem similar for both the pregnant and the nursing mothers. Both shouldn’t have low calorie diets, as this greatly weakens her. Balanced eating times is important. She absolutely needs to follow the 3 meal per day requirement plus at least two healthy snacks during the day. A breastfeeding mom must have generous servings of vegetables, fruits, hi-protein foods, and lots of hi fiber foods. She must be disciplined enough to stick to snacks that promote wellness. Avoid chips and salty foods.

A pregnant and breastfeeding mother must keep herself fully hydrated throughout the day. She must take in liberal amounts of liquid: healthy soups, fruits, etc. Drinks high in alcohol content should definitely be avoided. This is passed onto the breast milk and will therefore be transmitted to a newborn during breastfeeding. Avoid taking other stimulants such as those rich in caffeine. Types of hi-caffeine items are chocolates, coffee, sodas, and tea. If you are unable to abstain from them, make sure to take them sparingly. A breastfeeding woman must have adequate intake of healthy fats. These are found in fish and vegetable oil. Indeed, fatty acids are crucial to a healthy development of a baby’s brain. They should be part of a pregnant and breastfeeding mother’s daily diet.

Avoid eating food and having drinks which would give your breast milk a different odor and taste. This could cause the newborn baby to reject breastfeeding. Avoid foods that would cause gas. Should your baby get gassy and irritable, avoid the gas-causing foods. Avoid eating them for a certain time period. Resume your consumption after a long period of time, like, late in the nursing period. When you start eating them again, take in small amounts only.

On the whole, breastfeeding ought to be a great and enjoyable experience. Feelings of restriction, deprivation, or discomfort ought not to be the case. Avoid these negative feelings by maintaining a healthy and positive lifestyle. Always be careful to get enough food which would be healthy for your body. Have sufficient hours of rest. Drink a lot to keep your self hydrated all the time. What’s good for you is definitely good for your baby.


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