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Different Easy Ways to Whiten Teeth at Home

White Teeth

Like all other beauty desires such as long shiny hairs white teeth is the desire of the time. In America according to one estimate they spent almost $1.4 billion dollars to develop new products to get white teeth with new shapes and modes. Different medications are available in the market to get white teeth. Here we will discuss both homemade and commercially available medicines and methods to get white teeth.

white teeth

  1. Baking Soda and Lemon Juice Paste

Baking soda contains sodium bicarbonate having ability to scrub gently teeth to give them whiter look. Sodium bicarbonate present in the stomach help to minimize the acidity the same effect can be put under consideration over here. If you are having acidic mouth or you have eaten acidic food it will readily help you to neutralize it. This is necessary because acid break the enamel. It also help to minimize the acidity of the lemon juice which might be act as natural bleach of sorts. Mix some tea spoons of lemon juice with baking soda to make a slurry. Wipe out any saliva or with paper towel don’t use normal towel it will hurt your muscle lining. Paste your teeth on a normal way and leave for few minutes. Then apply gently paste on your teeth. It will give fresh look to your teeth. Tampa dentist also suggest this method, also this method is recommended by many other tooth specialist.

 bake teeth

  1. Strawberry, Salt and Baking Soda Scrub

Strawberries contain vitamin C which are very helping in breaking down plaque that is the main thing making your teeth addition to this it also contain malic acid having ability to remove surface strain.  The salt in the paste acts as abrasive and scrub the teeth physically but you can also use baking soda in addition to this for scrubbing. Mesh up berries and get its pulp then add little sea salt, additionally if you are using baking soda add ½ tea spoon of it in the already made paste. Dry teeth with the help of paper towel then gently apply the paste over teeth with the help of tooth brush. Leave for few minutes and then wash of the paste with natural water.



  1. Coconut Oil Rinse

It is an old remedy to get white teeth. People use coconut oil for centuries to have better look than ever. Although it has a bad taste but all you have to do is to use the oil for few minutes, so I am sure you won’t mind to choose it as a remedy because it will give you a best look. Lauric acid in the coconut oil help you to get rid of bacteria which induce the plaque and make them yellow. In addition to this it will also help to promote your gum health. Before brush early in the morning paste little coconut oil on your teeth and then with the help of finger push and swish the oil on your teeth and left for 15 minutes. After then brush your teeth it will give fresh look.


  1. Whitening Strips

Whitening strips emerge in the industry over 10 years ago, researches made the polyethylene strips impregnated with hydrogen peroxide which you can place directly on your teeth. Different types of strips are available in the market and all depends on the amount of hydrogen peroxide. In addition to this little modifications are also made in the style and thickness of the strips as well.

whitening strips


  1. Paint-Ons

Paint-ons have the ability to target directly on teeth without harming the soft tissues of thy gum. It is best in the way that it is in the form of gel and don not migrate in to the soft tissues. This system is not a close system and oxygen escapes from the surface very soon and results appear very soon. But this method needs to be applied for consecutive days to get better results and needs patience.


  1. Whitening Devices

Different kinds of whitening devices or available in the market that you can easily pick up and use at home. Heating accelerate the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide and release more oxygen which in turn helps to accelerate whitening o the teeth. The acceleration needs high intensity lights so it is advisable that users and the people nearby must wear eye glasses.

white devices


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