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Drug Rehabilitation and Impacts of Over Drinking

Drug Rehabilitation

Most of the times peoples used to start taking psychoactive substances like heroin, alcohol, cocaine or other street drugs which are available easily which are main factors of drug abuse. Dependency on such things just because of mental tension or for personal excitement in terms of style  will undergo for addiction after some period of time and due to which their may be devastating side effects on body. Excessive intake of such things led to hypertension, tremors, palpitation & etc. Best way of get rid of such kind of situations of life is Drug Rehabilitation Centres.

Drug rehabs centres treatments are purely a mix of medicines, behavioural therapy and psychological help to the patient. Where they push to get treated and taking away from family, friends, relatives, and from those things which inspires one to maintain the addiction. Mostly if we try to stop taking constant intake of alcohol, cocaine, & etc, will directs us to become sick. Rehabs usually keeps tracks of time spans, regular intake quantities to take out one from such kind of addiction.

Such kind of treatments can be done in various types offered by Rehabilitation centres such as Extended care Centres, (ii) Residential treatments, (iii) Outside treatments or they can be gender specific treatments. Under this there are several kinds of treatments process are their out of them one is Narconon. In Narconon program no drugs are used for treatments, generally time taken to work meaningfully and effectively was in between four to six months. During the program addicts are said to do all those things which they used to do in general before addiction that’s why Narconon Success rate is high i.e. 70% in comparison to other treatments i.e. 30%. Also Narconon led to live addicts their normal life in a healthy, wealthy, & safe manner.

Impacts of Overdrinking

Consumption of alcohol above the desired level leads to over drinking. Ethyl alcohol gives the feeling of well being and will sedate you if consumed above the limit. The limit depends upon the individual. Generally ethyl alcohol has the tendency to alter the thoughts and will result in unstable mind condition. It acts like tranquilizers. Normally alcohol affects the central nervous system. They respond quickly to the consumption of alcohol and that is why most of the drunkards respond slowly. The entire process inside the brain is affected and becomes slow. So basically it will down all your activities.

It is revealed that 25% of hospitalization is due to alcoholic problems. There are more number of automobile deaths of the case of drunk and driving. Over drinking has got so many impacts on the health. How can you find if have become addicted? Here are the points.

One cannot keep up his promises on not to drink alcohol.
Feeling very much uncomfortable without the drink
The quantity of drinking increases everyday and still not satisfied?
Celebrating all social occasions with alcohol party.

.The case is worse in women who drink at young age. A study conducted on pregnancy women who drank heavily shows disturbing facts. The infants born tend to have abnormal behavior, mental disturbance and demands much care after their birth. In other cases, over drinking will lead to liver failure. It is studied that a man drinking 80grams of alcohol will develop liver problems in 10 years. But women will develop such problems in 5 years consuming same quantity. Hence women are more susceptible to problems related with over drinking.

It is difficult to come out of the habit of over drinking. One should have the determination in his mind to be normal. One can start practicing yoga and other meditation practices to have mental relaxation. One should consult a physician and they may give more tips to come out of the habit. The answer to the query, “How much quantity is termed to be over drinking?” has got no answer. It depends on the individuals. It is always better not to drink or drink occasionally.

Saying No To Smoking

Every cigar packet will have statutory warning as “Smoking is injurious to health”, but still people smoke. Some may start smoking at a very early stage in their life. Once when started as a social habit, it has now become an addiction for many. I have heard many people wanting to stop smoking but cannot do to so because they are addicted to it. Smoking is a very bad habit which may even take your life out. Learning the reasons why you smoke may help you quitting. People give various reasons for smoking. Some of them are:

  • Smoking gives more energy
  • Addicted to smoking
  • It gives relaxation and gives pleasure

When you fall under any of these categories, it can be made easy to find out solutions and help you in quitting from smoking.

If you say that you smoke to get more energy, then find out if you can derive that energy from any other substance. Am sure by taking rest, one can have more energy. Being brisk and more physical activity will engage in more work. Eating nutritious food and drinking lots of water will help you to get energy.

If you say you are addicted, it can be difficult to come out of that habit. Try smoking too many cigars before a day or two when you have decided to quit. This may kill the taste of cigars and you may dislike. The first attempt could not be successful. But the second or the third try will be successful. Think yourself as a non smoker.

If you say you get pleasure, try to enjoy the taste of tobacco separately. You will develop a strong dislike for its taste. Now the pleasure would not mind you. Start concentrating on things which will give you pleasure like reading books, sleeping. Relaxation can be obtained from having a nice time with family and friends.

What ever may be the reason to smoke, yet one can quit the habit of smoking and extend his life time. One must have a strong will to overcome this habit. Mental strength is much needed and am sure love and affection can change the habits in a person.


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