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Dry Skin Treatments You can Start

After extended exposure to harsh weather, or just overuse of the skin, it is eventually going to dry out. Dry skin quickly becomes irritating and often times is unsightly, especially in noticeable areas, such as your face or hands. Thankfully, there are many ways you are able to treat dry skin and return the skin back to its pristine look. When using a dry skin treatment, you may opt to use only one solution, or multiple options at the same time. It all depends on your preference and what you are most comfortable with doing.

Daily Moisturizer

When repairing your damaged skin, it all starts with the application of daily moisturizer. This helps add a burst of refreshment to your skin, each and every morning (it is best to use the product in the morning before your skin begins to dry out during the daily activities). You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg for moisturizer, as there are many inexpensive brands capable of helping your skin. Just make sure to use the product each and every day to maintain the best skin possible.

Avoid Alcohol Cleaners

When washing your face, hands, and other areas where dry skin patches may be effecting you, it is important not to use any cleaners and facial wipes that contain alcohol. Alcohol just dries out your skin further, increasing the problematic dry skin. There are milder cleaners for your skin that do not contain alcohol and are perfectly suitable to perform any of the skin cleansing tasks you desire.

Protect Your Skin

When walking outside in the cold and wind, it is extremely important to protect your skin. Wearing gloves, a mask or any other article of clothing to protect your skin from the weather helps reduce dry skin. It also helps lock in the moisture your skin naturally produces. This is why exposed hands, noses and other areas of the body tend to dry out quicker during the winter as these areas are generally exposed more to the elements than the rest of the body.

Avoid the Sun

As with wind and cold, the sun does a number on your skin also. If you are not using sunscreen your skin is just going to dry out. Applying sunscreen to your skin every few hours reduces your dry skin and helps maintain its integrity. It also helps prevent skin damage and even cancer caused by the over exposure of sun. This also holds true for tanning booths and other methods of obtaining an indoor tan.

Apply Aloe

Aloe is natures mediation for damaged skin. This dry skin treatment allows you to improve the durability and look of your skin without spending a great deal of money. Aloe is found at most department stores and grocery stores and only costs a few dollars for a rather large bottle. The aloe is also exceptional for burns if your skin is over exposed to the sun. A small application of aloe to the damaged skin every few hours does a number to improving the skin.


It is important to remove the dead skin from your body in order to replenish the area with new, vibrant skin. This is done through exfoliation. Most exfoliation is performed while showering, so make sure you use a course sponge or other pad on the damaged area of skin. You can also use an emery board outside of the shower. These are commonly found on nail clippers, though you can purchase larger boards separately.

Gloves and Socks

Because the hands and feet are typically the areas of skin most effective by dry skin there are specially designed moisturizing socks and gloves to treat the skin. These articles are often filled with either a lotion or aloe and worn during the night. With the extended period of exposure to the moisturizing cream, the dry skin heals rather quickly. It also helps prevent any further damage your hands and feet may experience due to your natural daily routine. After a few sessions with these products your damaged skin is not only going to be gone, but the skin should be far smoother and have a healthy glow you didn’t’ have before hand


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