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Effect of Alcohol on the Eye

Table of Contents

  1.  Short-term vision-altering effects by alcohol abuse
  2. Long-term damage caused by alcohol abuse

Every individual knows that after drinking your eyes become blurry, distorted, disrupted, and unable to concentrate and you feel heavy. The alcohol abuse can also cause permanent problems to your sight.

 Short-term vision-altering effects by alcohol abuse

  • Slower reaction of pupil: alcohol induces the iris to contract at very slow speed than the normal speed. This is very dangerous especially during driving because you become unable to concentrate on the head lights of the incoming vehicles.
  • Decreased sensitivity to contrast: the most important ability a human get is the distinction of colors both in the light and darkness but after having a drink so you become unable to get the desired results and serious threat are there during driving. The researchers have reported that after drinking you lose your ability to adjust your eyes on the brightness and contrast to almost 30% whenever you exceed the normal limit of alcohol for driving.eyes
  • Twitching of Eye: the eye twitching known as myokymia is actually the twitching of eye lids is known to be triggered by the excessive alcohol abuse. This will in turn cause serious problems for individuals who want to concentrate on the specific things.
  • Increased dryness: the studies have shown that even small quantity of alcohol intake can cause serious dryness of the eyes. This is very alarming condition because this will impart serious irritation and you become unable to get good sleep.

Long-term damage caused by alcohol abuse

  • Amplified cataract formation: the studies have proved that the increased cataract formation is directly associate with the amount of alcohol consumed, so heavy alcohol consumption causes serious cataract. This is life lasting condition and you need to minimize it with proper medications.
  • Increased AMD risk: it is reported by the American optometric Association that the increase risk for AMD are associated with high alcohol consumption. This is normally known as the age related muscular degeneration caused by the high alcohol consumption.long term alcohol effects
  • Decreased vision caused by vitamin deficiency: it is well establish fact that alcohol directly affects your liver which functions as the absorber of vitamins which are in turn needed for healthy eye sight. Serious threat to the healthy eye sight due to less absorption of the vitamins by the stomach are there after drinking. The Vitamin-B deficiency cause the paralysis of the muscle of the eye. The problems associated with the deficiency of Vitamin A are numerous ranging from night blindness, corneal perforation, thinning of the cornea, dryness and in some cases to the blindness due to severe damage of the retina.
  • Alcohol-tobacco amblyopia: this will result in Optic neuropathy and painless loss of vision occurs due to excessive alcohol intake.
  • Prenatal exposure to alcohol: most of the women are unaware of the fact that excessive alcohol abuse having a baby inside the womb can cause permanent failure of the eyesight. fatal alcohol syndromeIt is known that most of the eye problems are due to fetal alcohol syndrome.

These are all the eye related issues which are associated with heavy alcohol intake.





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