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Effects of Alcohol and Caffeine on the Urinary System

Table of Contents

  1. Caffeine and the Urinary System
  2. Alcohol and the Urinary System
  3. Alcohol and Caffeine Together
  4. Alcohol effects on Different parts of excretory system
  5. Kidneys
  6. Bladder
  7. Protecting Your Health

Alcohol and caffeine can be perfectly acceptable contents of your diet but in small quantities, but in large quantities they are harmful and impose negative effects on your health. The well balanced diet which include healthy nutrients are very much needed for your bladder, kidneys and ureters. But taking too much alcohol and caffeine are harmful and are known to interfere in the normal functioning of your body. The mild symptoms are increase in your trips to bathroom and in severe cases kidney problems may arise.


Caffeine and the Urinary System

Caffeine is nothing else then a stimulant which normally present in the coffee, energy drinks, soda, tea and chocolate as well. It can rid your body against fluids as it is diuretic. It is normally said that if you take caffeine more than you have urge to urinate more. This is often troublesome during day time and if you take caffeine at night before sleep then it will definitely interfere with your healthy sleep and you need to wake with the urge to urinate. The caffeine content increase the risk of having urinary incontinence characterized by loss of bladder in most of the women. According to one estimate women who consume more than 204 mg of the caffeine a day must experience urinary incontinence. In 2013 a report was made in order to analyses the effect of caffeine on urinary bladder and more than 4309 women have reported urinary problems due to caffeine consumption.

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Alcohol and the Urinary System

Heavy alcohol consumption are known to affect your kidneys. Both acute and chronic alcohol consumption are known to increase the health effects related to kidney and must damage your kidney directly. Alcohol consumption leads to acid base imbalance of your body by interfering with electrolytes because it possesses such group which are very much active and hinder your ability to perform regularly which can lead to renal failure as well. In case of chronic alcohol addiction the body might be onto salt and water which in turn make your cells to swell up. Alcohol consumption also cause vitamins and minerals imbalance of your body by interfering with their absorption by the body.

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Alcohol and Caffeine Together

Together both alcohol and caffeine are very dangerous such as taking alcohol with beverages and energy drinks such as cola increase the health effects and are known to be more dangerous than consuming them alone. In case of acute intake of alcohol the caffeine addiction increase the negative side effects of alcohol consumption. It is estimated that consuming alcohol and caffeine at the same time are known to increase the total amount of alcohol consumed and also increases the health related issues of the alcohol. This in turn affect the urinary system because researchers are now concluding that these health effects are due to the imbalance o the adenosine hormone due to alcohol and caffeine consumption at the same time. The function of the adenosine is to increase the ability of the kidney t filter urine and if its imbalance occur than kidneys ae no longer functional able as they were in the past and overall urinary system become non function able.

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Alcohol effects on Different parts of excretory system


The inflammation caused by the alcohol in kidneys is known as nephritis. There are many organs in the body which are affected by the alcohol consumption and in return affect your kidney. These organs are unable to function optimally due to alcohol consumption. The failure ca lead to retention of extra fluids in the body. The symptoms may include the swelling of the different body tissues such as legs, feet, hands and sometime face as well. Kidney failure can lead to end stage liver disease and in not curable at that stage. The overall function of kidney is lost and results in nephritis which is dangerous and may lead to death as well. The person become unconscious.


The alcohol consumption cause the irritation of bladder known as cystitis and prostatitis which is characterized by the inflammation of your prostate. Both of these conditions also lead urinary tract infections. It is a major class in which whole urinary system suffers and you need to cure it at the initial stages otherwise it become incurable and death occur. In case of infection to bladder you have urge to urinate at regular intervals of time and you must be likely to urinate unconsciousness. The bladder infection is harmful both in men and women at the same rate. This might increase the effects of kidney and renal failure and put you on dialysis which is always killing.

The function of excretory system is to process ad eliminate waste products such as alcohols from your body. During this process the pancreases secrete the digestive enzymes which functions in combination with bile from the gall bladder and assist in digestion. The additional functions of pancreases is to regulate glucose and insulin.

The use of alcohol induces the pancreases to secrete the toxic substances and are known to interface the proper functioning of the body. The inflammation caused as a result is known as pancreatitis. This may destroy your pancreases and whole functioning is lost. The most frequent cause of the chronic pancreatitis is known as alcohol abuse.

The function of liver is to breakdown the harmful substances which also include the alcohol. The excessive intake of the alcohol can lead to alcoholic hepatitis which is characterized by the yellowing of your skin and eyes. Excessive alcohol addiction also leads to chronic liver inflammation a condition known as cirrhosis. It is characterized by the formation of scar tissues which are known to destroy the liver. When liver damage occurs then toxic substances remain in your body and cause complications because overall excretory system may be disrupted. This is serious and life threatening condition you need to cure it immediately. If you are late in diagnosing this condition then you will be at high risk of losing your life and you are unable to revert the conditions by any means. Liver disease are always life threatening. According to one estimate women are at high risk of liver damage due to alcohol addiction. This is just because women body tend to absorb alcohol more than man and additionally women take longer to process alcohol. Liver damage is hence more critical in women than in men and women must need a proper checkup by a consultant if they are alcoholic.

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Hypoglycemia characterized by low blood sugar level happens when your liver and pancreas don’t function properly. The real damage cause by the alcohol addiction to the pancreas is inability to utilize sugar due to decreased level of insulin.

Imbalance in the blood sugar level is always dangerous especially in those individuals who are diabetic. Alcohol abuse additionally raises the risk of liver cancer. Liver cancer is incurable in advance stages and lead to death in more than 95% cases. These excretory or urinary problems related to alcohol are preventable. You can easily get rid of them by giving away of your alcoholic habit.

Protecting Your Health

To protect yourself against alcohol and its bad effects on urinary system tell your doctor about how much caffeine and alcohol and also tell your doctor about the medications and supplements you are taking to get rid of them or you are using in replacement to caffeine and alcohol. This is very important in case when you are pregnant because these materials can be easily passed on to your new born baby through placenta. Always keep in mind that moderate amount of alcohol and caffeine are present in your normal diet. According to one estimate almost 200 to 300 mg of caffeine are considered as normal which is equal to almost three cups of a coffee. According to disease control center and prevention one drink for women and two drinks for men are considered as normal.

Always keep in mind that although these are considered as normal but it is an average quantity which is vary from individual to individual and also depend on the diet of a person, physical behavior and ultimate strength to bear the alcohol. In all of these cases you always need to minimize your alcohol consumption because it is always dangerous and cause serious health effects.

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You can minimize alcohol consumption by avoiding such places where alcohol is available, avoid friends who are addicted to liquid alcohol, keep you up to date about its serious health effects, keep yourself busy in activates which you feel help to minimize its consumption such as sports and study. Keep visiting doctors and societies which are helping to get rid of its consumptions. Don’t think off it too much and avoid stressful conditions because during stress condition you always need alcohol to calm yourself if you are addict. Tell your family and friends that you want to get rid of it so that they will help you in this contest.

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