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Effects of alcohol on skin

Table of Contents

  1. How Alcohol Affects your Skin
  2. Metabolism of Alcohol inside the body
  3. How you can Improve Skin Related Problems
  4. Skin Puffiness
  5. Skin Dryness
  6.  Alcoholic Beverages, Sugar Content & Acne
  7. Stress Levels
  8. Alcohol & Acne Rosacea
  9. Asian Flush

Effects of alcohol of skin are similar to the other parts of the body. Alcohol steals hydration of your skin and in return give you dry, bloating and redness of your skin. The production of vasopressin which is an anti-diuretic hormone is suppressed by alcohol consumption. The impact of this suppression is directly on your kidney and kidneys have to work hard to push the water and remove it from your system and send water to your bladder instead of other organs. Always keep in mind that your skin is the largest organ present in your body and alcohol consumption causes dehydration of your skin.

Due to excessive alcohol consumption when skin become dry then it causes wrinkling of skin and you will look older than your current age. Alcohol also makes your body deprived of Vitamin A which must be necessary for your cell renewal and it gives your skin a greyish and dull appearance. If you keep your skin hydrated it has opposing effects such as it will leave your skin bright, smooth your wrinkles and make it young and fresh. The only thing you can do to avoid the dehydrating effects of alcohol is use of excessive water.
When you are deprived of vital nutrients, fluids and electrolytes, your skin must show signs of swelling and bloating. When you lack the basic nutrients then your body start storing what it can get out of your diet. Any water entering your body will cause swelling of the tissues.
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Alcohol is also known to increase the already existing conditions like rosacea and causing it to flare it up or make it more worsen. Excessive alcohol consumption dilates your blood vessels and they may burst under your skin. The consequences this dilation can be seen easily under skin in the form of broken capillaries which stay inside the skin and create red spots which are difficult to remove.
Use of alcohol is not only known to dry your skin but also dehydrate your hairs and they start breaking and their ends become split. The weak and brittle hairs are sign of premature wrinkling.
Moderate drinking is known to be good for health, but what is the moderate amount you are thinking is quite different from reality. Because when you consume alcohol in excess then it must have serious impacts on your health. So your consumption of alcohol should be checked and keep it under optimum levels.
The excessive drinks means 5 drinks for a men in almost 2 hours and 4 drinks for a women. It is estimated that every 6th individual drink excessively. In USA most of the drinking is a kind of binge drinking.

How Alcohol Affects your Skin

In most of the modern cultures alcohol consumption plays an important role to bring together people in parties. Some people think that alcohol is helpful in letting off steam and for changing pace. In moderate amount alcohol consumption don’t harm your skin. But over drinking and daily drinking are harmful to skin.

Metabolism of Alcohol inside the body

How your body metabolize alcohol after its consumption depends on the following factors:

The alcohol is normally absorbed by stomach and intestines after then it is sent to your liver. The function of live is the separation of alcohol in to water and other compounds containing carbon dioxide which must be excreted from your body. As the alcohol us broken down the body produces a toxic substance from it the acetaldehyde. The acetaldehyde is known to cause a kind of hang over and make the liver unable to metabolize excessive alcohol. The increase of acetaldehyde in the blood is then causes headache and palpitations.

If you drink heavily the excessive energy which is absorbed by your body results in obesity. Excessive alcohol also causes burden on your liver and become cause of certain diseases like cirrhosis, hepatitis and fatty liver. Over burden can also be related with insomnia, depression and somewhat alcohol dependency.

According to one survey alcohol consumption is known to cause comprehensive puffiness of your face. Alcohol consumption also increases the blood flow which then congests your capillaries around your eyes. In some cases the upper eye lid may become puffy. Over drinking always causes skin dryness and moisture loss.

Skin Puffiness

If you think that you have puffiness after drinking then gentle massage may assist you in order to make a flow of lymph fluid. But always keep in mind that gentle massage to skin or stimulants which are used for massage may damage the skin and cause irritation of skin. Use of a towel soaked with steam can also help to improve your blood flow and circulation of lymph fluid. For this purpose warm a towel in hot water and then apply it over your complete face. This is necessary to improve blood circulation level and in turn increase the permeation of skin care products.

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Skin Dryness

If you come to know that you are suffering from skin dryness then use moisturising creams. Apply lotion mask along with moisturiser or cotton mask which should be doused in ample lotion. Additionally try some kind of lotion which assist you to cure your skin during sleep. If you have a night of overindulgence because of alcohol consumption it will cause skin dryness which may stay for many days.  The sensitive skin looks like reddish and may become irritant by the agents with which it normally resists. These symptoms need careful moisturising and require those cosmetics which have low quantity of irritants.

 Alcoholic Beverages, Sugar Content & Acne

Excess of alcohol content in the blood or body can cause severe inflammation even at cellular level. It is often seen that the beverages your drink didn’t meet the standard levels of sugar which might be done to mask the taste of alcohol. Depending on your skins ability to absorb sugar the process may be triggered as alcohol sugar can cause inflammation which is then converted in to acne breakouts.  If you don’t want to get affected by acne then always use those alcohols which have low sugar content or sugar level.

Stress Levels

The stress can be caused by the overuse of any kind of drug especially the alcohol. Excessive alcohol abuse can be dangerous for your life and can cause severe loss such as you may lose your job, friends and also family members. If you find anything hard due to alcohol consumption then consult with a professional or doctor because there are number of people who can assist you against alcohol consumption. Although we know that alcohol is very helpful in reducing stress but we also know that stress and acne have close relations so you must need to think about it deeply.

Alcohol & Acne Rosacea

The reddish appearance of skin very common skin condition is known as rosacea. According to one estimate almost 45 million people have experienced rosacea worldwide. Mostly faired skin people are suffered from this particular disease. The common symptoms of rosacea are pink or red patches, small red bumps, visible broken arteries, bumps containing pus, pink or irritated eyes and red cysts. Many individuals suffering with rosacea have a misconception that they are skin sensitive or have flush or blush. The areas which are affected by rosacea are often sensitive stimulants causing vasodilation which is itself characterized by the opening of capillaries. The stimulants can be hot temperatures, direct hot sunlight, hot drinks, sauces and hot foods. The hot liquid is possibly the alcohol.

alc skin

There is no proper cure for rosacea, but you can apply different treatments to control the symptoms of rosacea. It is known as a chronic and relapsing disease, this means that there are some conditions or time when the symptoms become severe.

With the decrease in alcohol consumption there are medicines available which can assist you and facilitate you against rosacea.

Asian Flush

Asian glow or Asian flush is very embarrassing skin condition and affect almost every 3rd individual in East Asia. It mostly occur in Japan, Korea and China where it is known to occur almost 8 times faster than rest of the world. This reaction can be triggered by alcohol consumption because the pigments responsible for this particular disease are stimulated by alcohol content. This is very embarrassing and most of the individuals among you feel irritating while visiting a community.

Avoid excessive alcohol drink if you want to have fresh skin with no dryness. The other effects of alcohol such as effects on alcohol, cardiovascular system are also known to trigger skin problems. This is just because all the body parts and organs are linked with each other in one way or the other. So effect on one body part must effect he other body parts. Proper counseling must be done in order to get rid of alcohol and you must need to visit the places and socities where you can get benefits of leaving alcohol.

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