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Effects of Alcohol on the Heart

Table of Contents

  1. Alcohol consumption can Benefit or Damage your Heart
  2. Description and Function of heart
  3. Problems of Human heart
  4. Benefits of alcohol on the heart
  5. Negative Impacts of Alcohol on Heart
  6. How one can avoid Damaging Effects of Alcohol on Heart
  7. Treatment against heart problems caused by alcohol

Alcohol consumption can Benefit or Damage your Heart

In the past few decades a great media attention has been given to discuss the benefits of moderate alcohol consumption on your heart. This in turn give encourage to the individuals who want to drink or take alcoholic beverages. You must be intensive to know that alcohol is not bad at all but it doesn’t mean that you start drinking alcohol in order to improve your cardiovascular health. We can rightly say that alcohol has the same useful affects as have harmful effects on your health. But when it comes to the heart then it has potentially double harmful effects than useful effects. If you drink excessively then you will definitely going to harm this potentially vital organ.

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Description and Function of heart

The simple description of a heart is that it is a pump which functions to circulate blood in your complete body. The heart can be characterized by a size of almost a fist and weighs normally between 7 and 15 ounces. It is generally estimated that a human heart usually beats more than 2 and half million times during your life. So heart needs to wear and tear plenty of times in life.


Human heart contains four chambers and pumps the blood through its own electrical system. Heart has the ability to send blood to all parts of your body. This is done with the help of numerous blood vessels. If you laid these end to end then they would definitely stretch to more than 60,000 miles. To describe overall organs we use the term cardiovascular system. The heart is necessary for survival on this planet. The death occurs with the cessation of your heartbeat.  But medically this is not true for all the cases.

Problems of Human heart

There are number of problems which are known to be associated with heart. Some of the most common heart problems are:

Heart attack: the leading factor which causes heart attack is the blood clot or due to some other blockage and attack the heart muscle. The muscles will die off when oxygen deficiency occurs in the muscles. If many of the heart muscles die then overall functioning will be lost. This particular condition is known as MI (myocardial infarction).

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Angina: this is characterized by the pain which can be felt in the heat due to deficiency of blood in the heart muscle. This pain can be felt in other cases as well such as during a hectic physical work or when experienced too much stress.

Atherosclerosis: it is building up of plaque which make your arteries narrow and hence hinder the smooth movement of blood. The plaque is build up due to excessive cholesterol.

Coronary Artery Disease: during this condition person may feel angina and risk factors of heart attack. This usually happens due to loss of electric current in your arterial walls and atherosclerosis.

Benefits of alcohol on the heart

Researchers says that moderate amount of alcohol consumption is healthy for your cardiovascular system. Drinking two glasses of alcohol can reduce the risk of having cardiovascular diseases up to 50%. It is also believed that red wine is the best which can be beneficial for your cardiovascular system. These are the common advantages associated with alcohol consumption on the heart:

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  • Studies have shown that moderate alcohol consumption is somewhat beneficial to your heart. This can be illustrated by the fact that alcohol reduces the harmful cholesterol and reduce the plaque formation.
  • Alcohol can also be used as anti-coagulating agent. It means that blood will become thin and platelets become unable to form clots. This in turn reduces the risk of heart attacks.
  • Alcohol consumption is helpful in reducing spasm of coronary artery during stressful conditions.
  • Alcohol is known to decrease the level of insulin and estrogen levels in the blood.
  • Alcohol consumption increases the coronary blood flow.

As mentioned above that moderate alcohol consumption is beneficial to health but these benefits can be gained by some other means as well. If you are taking a balance diet and do exercise regularly then in no means you will hurt by the harmful effects of alcohol. Those individuals who drink alcohol excessively are not only fail to help their normal cardiovascular system, but they may have other serious problems due to alcohol consumption. Negative impacts of alcohol vary from person to person some individuals may get negative impacts from mild alcohol consumption.

Negative Impacts of Alcohol on Heart

Those individual who drink alcohol on regular basis are at high risk of damaging their cardiovascular system. According to one estimate almost 2% of the coronary heart diseases are related to the alcohol consumption. Here are some negative effects of alcohol consumption listed:

  • Alcoholic cardiomyopathy can be caused by the long term use of alcohol. This happens because of the toxic effects of alcohol on heart muscles and hence severe damage is caused. In some severe cases it also leads to death due to heart failure.
  • High blood pressure is among the leading diseases which is caused by excessive alcohol intake. This in turn puts extra burden on the heart and other body parts as het
  • Excessive alcohol abuse also increases the fat contents of the body and causes hurdle to the bloodstream. It also raises the level of triglycerides in your blood. All these facts leads to serious health issues.
  • Diabetes can be induce due to alcohol consumption which then impart serious effects on cardiovascular system.
  • Cardiovascular strokes chances are increased by the alcoholic consumption. It is estimated that almost 5% of CVAs are due to alcohol consumption.

How one can avoid Damaging Effects of Alcohol on Heart

If you want to avoid the damaging and health causing effects of alcohol on heart you must keep following bullets in your mind.

  • Don’t drink more than the recommended limits. The threshold limit for a women is just one drink in a day and for men it is 2 drinks in a day. Don’t exceed these limits because it is associated with serious effects. Individuals having age above 65 must not exceed one glass per day. It seems quite interesting that people under 21 should not allow to touch the alcohol. You can classify the standard dose as on glass of wine, beer or one drink of spirit.human heart
  • If you have any past problem which was caused by the alcohol so don’t start it again. If you were psychologically or physically dependent on the alcohol you will be back to the addiction again.
  • If you are suffering from high blood pressure then avoid alcohol drink. It is also advisable that stop drinking alcohol until you feel to be normal for your blood pressure. You must need to consult with a doctor on this issue.
  • The key factor to be best in your cardiovascular health is regular exercise and healthy diet.
  • If you think that you can’t avoid alcohol then stop it completely because you can’t minimize it. If you think that t give up is difficult then you must need to ask a professional.

This is all about alcohol and its effects on human body but medications depends on the condition and effects caused by alcohol on your heart.

Treatment against heart problems caused by alcohol

If you are suffering from high blood pressure and alcohol affects you in terms of blood pressure then you must take medicines which will minimize your blood pressure such as nitrates are prescribed for patients who have angina. If your blood vessels become thicker then use medicine which help to minimize the thickening of your heart vessels so that proper flow of blood can be conducted. If you have heart stroke then use medications to avoid the further stroke, this will also help you to absorb any kind of shock to your heart. In case of atherosclerosis which is caused by the plaque use medications which help in removal of plaque but keep in mind that don’t use over dosage because it is very sensitive case and you will have to suffer with further consequences. Although you can’t minimize the heart attack after having alcohol abuse but you can avoid it by proper medications which are given to get relieve against heart attack. Other cardiovascular problems which are associated with alcohol consumption can be avoided and minimized by proper care. If you think that the advisable medications of your doctor are not working properly then ask him and change your medicines.

Always keep in mind that the best thing you can do to minimize the harmful effects of alcohol is to avoid the alcohol consumption. Take it seriously don’t try to make it a routinely fashion because once you get addiction you will never be able to get rid of it completely. Avoid drinking in public parties and visit those conference which are held in order to make awareness against harmful effects of alcohol. Keep the facts mentioned above in mind and stop drinking.

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