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Effects of Cigarette smoking on Heart and Guidelines to help you reduce smoking

Effects of Cigarette smoking on Heart

According to one estimate out of 5 deaths in the America one death is surely due to the cigarette smoking. It is the leading and cause of death that is unpreventable in the developed countries. Smoking effects almost every body part may be directly or indirectly. It effects the blood vessels, heart, eyes, mouth, lungs, bones, reproductive organs and digestive system.


Smoking Blood Vessels and Heart 

Tobacco contain chemicals which have bad impact on your blood cells. These chemicals damage the function of heart and damage the arteries. It increase the risk of atherosclerosis. It is a common disorder in which waxy substance in the form of plaque accumulate in the vessels and results in narrowing the arteries. The impact of narrow arteries appears in the form of less flow of the oxygenated blood in the arteries.


Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) is the common disease caused by the blocking of the coronary arteries by plaque. In severe cases it causes heart attack, chest pain, arrhythmias and heart failure as well. Smoking is the potential risk for first heart attack. It will be more dangerous when combined with other risk factors such as high BP problems, increase in the cholesterol level, uncontrollable obesity and overweight.

Peripheral arterial disease (P.A.D) is also cause by chain smoking a condition during which plaque is accumulated in the arteries carrying blood to the limbs and head. Most of the time P.A.D can cause heart attack, stroke and other heart diseases as well.

Smoking and Atherosclerosis

Smoking severely damages the arteries supplying blood to the legs and arteries. In legs plaque develop which block the flow of blood to the legs. Even the occasional smoking tends to damage the heart. In women who uses pills to control pregnancy effects of smoking are even more dangerous. Second hand smoke can have the ability to damage blood vessels. Secondhand smoke refers to the burning of cigar, pipe or cigarette, because it contains the most of the chemicals that are inhaled by the smokers. Secondhand smoke damage the blood vessels in the same as the smokers. It greatly increase the heart attack risks. Secondhand smoke increases the risk of CHD in children due to:


  • It lowers the HDL cholesterol level in children
  • Uneven changes in the blood pressure
  • Severely damages the cardiac tissues

In new born babies respiratory distress syndrome (RDS) is caused by the secondhand smoke. Child’s suffering from asthma are at risk of other smoke related problems. The smoke radiated from cigar contains the same chemicals as in cigarette. So people who have habit of smoking cigar are also at great risk of having heart problems.

How much danger is chewing tobacco

Chewing tobacco is as dangerous as smoking itself, it can severely damages the tissue lining of mouth and increases the risk of  mouth cancer, esophagus cancer and throat cancer. It can cause tooth decay and results in vulnerable look.


Advantages of Quitting Direct Smoking and Avoiding Secondhand Smoke

The best way to get rid of the heart diseases is to minimize tobacco smoke, and if you are not a smoker then don’t start it. Quitting smoke at any stage of your life will surely help you to minimize health risks.

In addition to direct smoke always try to avoid the secondhand smoke. Always strictly stop people smoking in the houses and in the cars. Quitting smoke is the key to reduce heart diseases and also reduces the sudden cardiac death. In addition to this it also reduces the second heart attack and other chronic disorders. Researches have shown that in communities where smoking is banned are at low risk of heart disorders.

Guidelines to help you reduce smoking

  • Make a promise with you to quit smoking, good bye all of your tobacco, ashtrays and anything related to cigarette.
  • Use nicotine replacement products to avoid smoking.
  • Always visit websites related to no smoking day and read articles to avoid smoking.
  • Let inform your family and friends that you are quitting smoking so that they can help you to quit. They will observe you keenly and throw away all the cigarette related items.
  • Additionally you can also visit a doctor who will help you how to quit smoking.
  • Always keep yourself busy such as in sports so that you can’t be addict to smoking again. Always try to get rid of smoking related ideas in your mind.
  • Modify your routine and avoid visiting places where you know smokers and smoking related items will be available.


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