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Eye Cancer, Types, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

Table of Content

  1. Eye cancer 
  2. Symptoms of eye cancer
  3. Melanoma of the eye
  4. Causes of Eye Melanoma
  5. Diagnosing Melanoma of Eye
  6. Treatment of Eye Cancer
  7. Treatment of Melanoma of Eye

Eye cancer 


Eye cancer is a rare form of cancer and is also known as ocular cancer with almost 430 patients diagnosed in UK in a calendar year.

eye cancer


Eye can be affected by different types of cancers which may include:

  • Melanoma of your eye, this might be the conjunctival, intraocular or sometimes the skin melanoma as well.
  • Basal cell carcinoma may be a cause of eye cancer.
  • The squamous lied carcinoma has direct impact on your eye.
  • Lymphoma may be a possible reason for eye cancer.
  • A childhood cancer can be easily transmitted to eye and results in severe damage.

Eye cancer can develop in the surrounding tissues of your eye such as eye lids, eye ball, lacrimal gland and orbit. But, it can also transmit to eye through other areas of your body. If, it is transmitted from somewhere else then it is known as metastasis or secondary cancer. Among all the mentioned types of eye cancer the most common is the melanoma so we mostly discuss this type of eye cancer.

Symptoms of eye cancer

The most common symptoms of eye cancer are:

  • Proptosis which is characterized by the bulging of just one eye
  • Complete or sometime partial loss of vision, even if your eye side become suddenly blurred then it might be due to cancer
  • Pain in the eye or just around your but, this is rare symptom for eye cancer
  • Sudden change in the appearance of eye

symptoms of eye cancer

Along with these prominent symptoms you may also feel:

  • A light flash, wiggly lines or spots just in front of eye
  • Lump appearing just on the eye lids or in the eye

Most of the symptoms discussed above are also related to the other eye problems as well so don’t be panic if these symptoms appear.

However, it is necessary to get proper check-up by a medical specialist in order to minimize the effects and to diagnose the eye cancer as soon as possible.

Melanoma of the eye

Melanoma is a type of eye cancer which develops from melanocytes which are the pigment producing cells. Mostly they appear in the skin but, it is possible for them to develop easily in other parts including the eye as well.

The ocular melanoma appears mostly in the eyeball, but it can also appears in the conjunctive or eyelids. It can be easily characterized by sudden blurring of the vision and appearance of shadows and flashing lights on the eye.

mealanoma of eye

Causes of Eye Melanoma

Some factors increase the risk of developing a melanoma which include:

  • The eye color impart significance effects, it is observed that people with blue, green or grey colored eye are more susceptible to attack by eye caner then individuals having brown color.
  • If you have unusually colored moles then you are at risk of developing skin cancer which can be transmitted to eyes.
  • The leading factor towards skin cancer is the over exposure towards direct sunlight this may also induce the melanoma of eye.
  • It is reported that welders are having more risk of developing a cancer, this is just because the ultraviolet light has direct influence on eyes.

Diagnosing Melanoma of Eye

You need to consult with an ophthalmologist for early diagnose of eye cancer. If he suspect you for eye cancer then he may refer you to a center for eye cancer.

At the center you may be subjected to different test and your eyes may be checked to look around the shape and structure of your eyes. Eye drops may be applied at the moment, which may affect your vision temporarily.

causes of melanoma

You may also be advised to have an ultrasound. You may also need to perform a fluorescein angiogram, during which the photographs are taken with special camera. This will help to locate the tumor and to clarify the size of tumor. An injection containing a special dye is injected in to your arm which will travel through the blood stream in to blood vessels of eye, and can be seen on the photographs, which surely provide useful information about the cancer.

Cytogenic testing is also done to evaluate the chromosomal abnormalities. This can be done by separating a sample of tumor from your eye.

Treatment of Eye Cancer

Like all other types of cancers it can be treated through surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy. The type of treatment mainly depends on the following factors:

  • First of all the type of cancer you are suffering with
  • The size of your tumor and to the extent of its spreading
  • The overall health, age and level of your fitness

Treatment of Melanoma of Eye

Treatment directly depends on the size and location of the tumor and its spread rate inside the eye. In case, if your tumor is large you may be advised to remove your eye in order to avoid it’s spreading to other body parts.

treatment of eye cancer

In advance cases of ocular melanoma, it may develop outside the eye and is known as extraocular melanoma, you need to have surgery in which along with your, you need extra surgery of the eye socket to remove complete tumor. The possible radiotherapy treatments include:

  • For removal of plaque the plaque brachytherapy is needed
  • The highly efficient proton beam therapy can be done
  • For specific purposes the stereotactic radiosurgery may be done

You need early diagnosis in order to get proper treatment.

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