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What is Facial Paralysis?

What is Facial paralysis?

Facial paralysis (facial palsy) is a common term for nerve paralysis in the face, where the seventh cranial nerve (facial nerve) or facial nerve move completely or partially paralyzed. 


The typical symptoms are fairly sudden onset of facial paralysis with drooping corner of the mouth, difficulty closing one eye and frown. The condition can rarely be bilateral and provide as much difficulty speaking and difficulty in eating and drinking. 
In the case of a Borrelia infection, there may be pain between shoulder blades or in the arms or legs. At most, there has previously been a typical red rash (erythema migrans), but Borrelia facial paralysis can happen without you have had this rash. 

Upon infection with the varicella zoster virus, for example shingles, there are often dizziness, pain in the back and one ear and in the pharynx. Fever and malaise may also occur. 

If there is paralysis of the arms and legs, difficulty speaking or possibly consciousness influence, always seek urgent medical attention, while an isolated facial paralysis rarely requires emergency treatment or examination. 

How does the disease?

Most cases recover little by itself, but paralysis can last for several months, and how it goes depends on the cause of the paralysis. 

In the case of Borrelia, can be treated with antibiotics, and it usually has a good effect on facial paralysis. In the case of a serious damage to the nerve, the prospect of improved contrast considerably smaller, and there may be permanent damage. 
Complications occur in the form of cosmetic genes with skewed (asymmetric) face, decreased facial expression in the affected side and trouble closing the eye with risk of corneal inflammation. 

Facial Paralysis

Who gets the disease?

Facial paralysis without other disease (Bell’s palsy) affects approximately 750 persons per year.The disease can strike at any age, but increases with increasing age, affecting as many men as women. Persons with diabetes or weakened immune system generally have a greater risk. 

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What causes facial paralysis?

Facial Paralysis taken in conjunction with infection with varicella-zoster virus, for example shingles, and Borrelia may also be accompanied by facial paralysis, possibly even with paraplegia. 
In many cases of facial paralysis it cannot find any reason, and condition improves by itself over weeks to months. In cases where the paralysis caused by a brain disease such as cerebral thrombosis / stroke or TIA / transient cerebral thrombosis , treatment directed against this disease consists of surgical and / or rehabilitation.

Studies of facial paralysis

Examination of the skin, mucous membranes, ears, mouth and throat, for example, the rash is important, as a study of the reflectors and the power delivery is often necessary. If there is suspicion of a serious brain disorder made a CT / MRI of the brain and if infection is suspected, examine the spinal fluid for bacteria and virus at a lumbar puncture, and the doctor taking some blood samples. 

Special conditions in children

Facial paralysis is rarely seen in children and requires exactly the same measures and studies in adults, especially the eye should be protected if it cannot close properly.

Treatment of facial paralysis

Treatment includes rehabilitation of mimic facial exercises, eye patch, eye ointment and eye drops.  

Use of drugs depends entirely on the cause of the paralysis. Are given antibiotics, for example penicillin in patients with Borrelia aciclovir and famciclovir, or by viral infection. 

In most cases, with Bell’s palsy, there is no medical treatment. In the case of following a poorly controlled diabetes, can better blood glucose control is recommended.

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