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Facial Skin Care

Facial Skin Care

Looks do matter!!! How one appears and feels is directly correlated to skin. Our skin constantly protects us, and when we take care of our skin, we are helping our skin do its job. The best beauty regime for any skin type is achieved through good diet, exercise, regular professional advice/treatment and a healthy de-stressed mental attitude. It’s never too early nor too late to begin looking after our skin.

How to take care of facial skin?

The simplest way to take care of skin is to keep it clean. Clean skin means happy, lively skin. A virtuous skin care command is neither complex nor arduous, and can be easily started at home. In a nutshell, this means twice toning, daily cleansing and moisturizing. That’s the ABC of a great skin.

  • Cleansing should be a part of our daily routine- from waking up, before and after make-up, after work outs (to wash away perspiration and grime), and definitely before going to bed. If cleansing is not done thoroughly, minor skin problems will arise and the skin would also look dull, sluggish and lack luster.
  • Remember to remove all traces of make up before going to bed. Throw away any old make-up that smells or looks different from what when first bought.
  • When outdoors, special protection needs to be taken. Apply sunscreen with a SPF (sun protection factor) of at least 15, even if its cloudy. Choose a sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB rays, and if possible select a sunscreen that says “non comedogenic.” It’s a good idea to wear a hat along with sunglasses if out.
  • Once a week exfoliationcan be undergone to bring out the fresh layers of skin. Follow it by applying a mask. These calm and soothe the skin, so that it emerges rejuvenated, refreshed and revitalized. Cucumber masks are always a good option to be applied.
  • Eye creamsare an essential part of skin care. The delicate eye area should be gently massaged with light eye creams or gels to reduce fine lines and firm the area around the eye.
  • Regular facials prevent and reduce skin problems. They deep cleanse, rehydrate and rejuvenate the skin. Massaging helps blood circulation, relaxes the facial muscles and delays wrinkles.

Most of us do not contemplate doing anything about facial skin care before reaching our 30’s, how ever it is in our 20’s only that the effects of ageing slowly begin to appear. Once you start on the road to good facial skin care, your skin will automatically start craving for it.

Maintain healthy habits. It’s the one and only skin that we get. So go ahead, pamper it, take good care so that it stays fresh and young with age. A good diet, daily exercise and drinking lots of water will take good care of your most valuable asset.

So, if you want to get noticed, just remember, ten minutes a day keeps all those skin problems at bay.


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