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First Trimester Problems and Their Solutions

First Trimester Problems

Women are expecting it will be an emotional and exciting time if they are going to give birth to their first baby. You will definitely see lot of changes in your body. Most of them look like normal and it is observed that most of the women have healthy pregnancies.

But problems are always there and some symptoms need special care and attention especially during the early days of pregnancy. Symptoms like vaginal discharge, little bleeding and nausea aren’t unusual, they always mean that there is something wrong. In that case you should call a doctor.


You always need to notice these problems because these are case sensitive and are signs of major problems. You always need to take care of yourself and little champ that is growing inside you. You are always feeling that is everything OK or you need to get in touch with a doctor.

  1. Vaginal Bleeding

Some spotting could be normal but heavy bleeding means something is going wrong because these are the signs of miscarriage or known as ectopic pregnancy. It is generally known that the brighter or reddish the color of blood the more worth it has and you need to worry about it. If you are feeling bad cramps just like as in periods with heavy bleeding then it is always a case of miscarriage. In some cases if it is coupled with abdominal pain then it may refer to as ectopic pregnancy. It is a condition in which outside the uterus fertilized egg implant somewhere else. Normally when this happens the egg may be planted in the fallopian tube.


What to do:

In that particular condition always call on your doctor who may advise you an ultrasound, some blood work and an exam. Keep in mind that low spotting or light bleeding is not an issue. But you can’t ignore it when you are feeling that the case is sensitive and you are bleeding heavily. Even excessive abdominal pain needs care and attention and you need to ask about the possibilities arising this pain.

  1. Excessive Vomiting and Nausea

Don’t get irritated because nausea and vomiting are the signs of first trimester. Almost every women go through that condition. But if you think that you are having nausea and it is causing dehydration then you need to worry a little. If you think that you are not keeping water or any fluid for the last 12 hours then you need to consult with a doctor.


Severe vomiting interfering in your daily activities can cause enormous problems like dizziness, weight loss, dehydrations and imbalance in the quantity of electrolytes.

What to do:

Consult with your physician because you need hospitalization and medications to treat dehydration. There are many medications to treat nausea. But keep it in mind that nausea and vomiting normally occurs during pregnancy, so don’t be panic if they are occurring at normal rates. It is general believe that most of the women having nausea and vomiting are going to have normal pregnancies with healthy babies.

3. High Fever

During pregnancy fever higher than 101 degrees Fahrenheit or on Celsius scale higher than 38 degree centigrade refers to sever issues. The high temperature may be due to some kind of infection that may affect the baby inside the womb.


Fever along with rashes or joint pain is definitely a sign of infection like cytomegalovirus (CMV), parvovirus and toxoplasma. CMV normally arises due to congenital deafness.

What to do:

Always consult your doctor and tell him all the possible symptoms related to flue, body ache, rashes and joint pain. Doctor may advice you to get early flu vaccine.

4. Itching along with Vaginal Discharge

Mostly the vaginal discharge seems to be normal, but it may be due to treatable infections and some kind of sexually transmitted disease. These have many important consequences in pregnancy, because any kind of infection during pregnancy may harm the growing baby.


What to do:

Don’t feel shy to tell you doctor about all the possibilities because treating it early impart good impact on your baby.

5. Burning or Pain during Urination

The pain or burning is the cause of urinary tract or bladder infections. If it is left untreated they can have serious impacts in terms of serious illness, pre-term labor, infection and in severe cases pre-term birth as well.


What to do:

If the pain is due to infection then treating it can relieve pain.

6. Calf or Leg Pain, or Severe Headache/Swelling on One Side

This is not going to happen in normal pregnancies. During pregnancy there are a lot of chances to develop a blood clot. The blood clot developing in the calf always lead to pain and results in a blood clots travelling to the lungs it is always a fatal. The blood clot in the brain leads to sever headache. But the headache may also be caused by some other means during pregnancies.


What to do:

Always consult your doctor if you are having a history of blood clots. Additionally you need to consult with doctor in case of headache that lasts for time.

7. Outbreaks of Chronic Diseases

Sudden changes may appear during pregnancy in those women who are having some kind of pre-existing medical conditions like thyroid disease, high blood pressure, lupus, diabetes and asthma. If you are unaware of underlying diseases then it may have serious issues in pregnancy.

If you are having high thyroid hormone or very low it is, you are at very high risk of miscarriage.

Despite of all these facts women have normal pregnancies, but always keep it mind that don’t take it easy and always consult with gynecologist from the start of the pregnancy till the end. It is the time when a mother risks her life to give birth to her baby so don’t risk their lives always take care of them so that she give you a healthy baby. Always perform ultrasounds on regular basis as prescribed by your doctor so that you can get better insight of what is going on inside the womb.


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