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Holiday air can make you shiver and feel the moment but it also brings the flu virus and make you sick the whole holiday. The long weekend trips and the out of the country vacation can also make you harbour this virus especially when you are going by plane. Airports house a lot of races and people coming from around the world, therefore increasing more risk of passing more viruses from one person to another.

During holidays, schools are closed therefore decreasing the chances of passing the virus for according to the statistics, children are the number one carrier of the flu virus. However, it doesn’t mean that children can’t harbour it because they can still get it as they make their way to the playground, pass it from one kid to another and another thereby increasing the flu virus rate. Schools could not also be closed for a longer time so the children without knowing that they have the virus go to school and the cycle continuous until the flu season is over.

This can be prevented if flu vaccines where given before the flu season that happens shortly after the holiday vacation. It is a good health investment because it can protect you and your family from the sick days. Imagine that runny nose, coughs and chills, those days when you can’t go to work and your children can’t go to school. It’s really bothering that you need to take the day off or cross out the paid vacation leave just for a flu.

Flu or the short term for influenza is an infectious disease that can be brought by animals to person and person to person. It comes in different forms and some lead into an epidemic that scared the whole world like SARS, H1N1 or the swine flu and H5N1 or Bird flu. This could have been prevented if the first signs and symptoms are taken into consideration. Flu is different from common colds but it can be difficult to determine it during the first stage of infection. A sign that it is flu is the sudden onset of high fever and severe fatigue. Some other symptoms include the following:

  • Headache
  • Cough
  • Fever accompanied with chills
  • Stuffed nose
  • Red irritated watery eyes
  • Petechial rash
  • Body ache
  • Fatigue

The government should also be informed about this issue and give free flu vaccines like what Ontario is offering. They give free vaccines for residence who are six months above every year therefore preventing sick leaves and absences at school. It is a good investment for the government because they have saved and cut the cost of medical bills and flu related deaths are minimized.

To control the epidemic, it should be enforced worldwide so that flu strains will not penetrate human beings. Affected individuals should isolate themselves first if they are having flu so as not to pass the virus. Parents should let their children rest and attend to their needs until the flu symptoms disappear and assist them until they regain their normal health.

The flu season has started early this year therefore getting a flu vaccine can really shield you from it but always remember you should eat healthy foods and strengthen your immune system so that it can fight off the virus.

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Updated: November 1, 2016 — 7:36 am

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