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Healthy Pregnancy Tips

A woman’s life will be fulfilled when she delivers a baby. For most women, first time pregnancy would bring in fears which will overcome the happiness. Worries and pregnancy go hand in hand. But if proper care is taken at the time of pregnancy, one can avoid several problems. A healthy lifestyle is the key for a safe pregnancy. There are more issues concerned for the mothers on various matters such as the health of the baby, position of baby, labor pain, becoming tired often and much more.

Some precautionary measures have to be taken while pregnancy. One should follow a healthy diet and must be brisk. Should do physical activities to certain extent. One should avoid alcohol during pregnancy and quit smoking. Mothers should have a healthy eating habit as they eat for two. On an average they need 300 calories extra per day. Some special vitamins are needed for both mother and child. Vitamin B is very essential. Periodical tests have to be taken to ensure both are safe. Proper measures have to be taken to avoid any ill health effects for the child. Calcium and Iron are more important. Calcium will help the mother to get more strength for her bones as the baby would take minerals from mother’s bone for its development. Iron helps in carrying oxygen.

One should avoid taking improper medications during pregnancy. Women must consult the doctors on what medicine to be taken. For the baby to be healthy, the mother should be healthy. But very few medicines are tested safe for both. Because scientifically most medications are not tested on pregnant women. Drugs tested on animal fetus may not necessarily demonstrate the same on a woman. Doctors advice pregnant women to exercise at least for 20 minutes thrice in a week. But avoid deep knee bends, touching the toes and other exercises which will risk your tummy. Staying in shape will help in the reduction of labor pain. Ladies must take the advantage of present day technology during pregnancy period and stay healthy.

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