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Heart attack, Symptoms and Medications

Heart Attack

The heart attack occurs whenever oxygen supply to the heart is limited by any affect as a result the blood flow from heart or towards heart feel difficulty in flow and stop flowing.

heart attack

The heart muscles always need a constant supply of fresh blood i.e. oxygenated blood for its nourishment. The blood necessity of heart is complemented by coronary artery which supplies regular blood to the heart. In certain cases the coronary arteries become narrow by some disorder or coronary arteries disease and blood flow become difficult. As a result calcium, some proteins and inflammatory blood cells starts growing within the arteries and permanent plaques of different sizes arise. The nature of the as deposited plaque is such that they are hard on their outer surface but soft and soppy on their inner side.

heart muscles

The blood clot occurs at the stage when hard surface of the plaque rupture and as result platelets disc like cells that are responsible for clotting bulge out and blood clots occurs around the already present plaque. If the blood clot so formed is hard enough to block the arteries the heart muscles become deprived of the fresh oxygen. At this stage the death of heart muscles and muscle cells cause permanent death. That particular condition is heart attack.

This is one special case but heart attack can also be caused by some other means as well. Heart attack may occur due to contraction of the coronary artery. During contraction the coronary arteries constrain and thus reduce blood supply to the heart muscles known as ischemia. This is even more dangerous because it can occur during rest or even occur in people without having any coronary artery disorder.

The function of coronary artery is to supply fresh blood to the heart to regain heart muscles. The damage can be estimated by the size of area supplied by the blocked and also on the time between injury and cure.

coronary artery

As there is a direct supply of blood to heart so healing of muscles begins just after a heart attack and it takes 8 weeks to get muscles back to their normal stage. Heart muscles have similarity with skin muscles in the sense that the wound heals and a scar just like as of skin is formed on the damaged surface. But these tissues don’t have the ability to contract results in weakening of the heart’s pumping ability.

Symptoms of heart attack

  • Common observations about heart attack reveals that pressure, discomfort, burden, pain at the chest both front and back side, pain in left arm or severe pain under the beast bone
  • Discomfort at the back, arm, jaw and in some cases throat as well.
  • Feeling stomach full, indigestion after having a meal or choking feeling just like heartburn
  • Excessive sweating, headache, nausea, dizziness and vomiting are common
  • Difficulty in breathing, anxiety and extreme weakness that increases with the passage of time
  • Asymmetrical heartbeats that may be very rapid in extreme cases

symptoms of heart


These are common symptoms of heart attack if you have any one of them then you must advised to consult a cardiologist.

Medications for heart attack

The purpose of drug therapy is to prevent blood from clotting this in turn prevents platelets from gathering around the plaque and then prevent the so formed plaque and stabilize and reduce ischemia. The medication must be done as soon as possible i.e. within 1 to 2 hours after heart attack starts this will help in decreasing the amount of damage caused. If medication is delayed it will results in severe loss and medication become useless. These are certain measures that must be kept in mind during the course of heart attack.

Brilinta 90 mg film-coated tab6002PPS0

Following drugs are helpful during a heart attack.

  • To prevent blood from clotting Aspirin must be given this will help to minimize heart attack effects.
  • Brilinta, Plavix and Effient must be given because they are antiplatelets and minimize blood clotting
  • For dissolution of blood clots thrombolytic therapy is very effective that will help arteries to prevent blood clots
  • Any combination can be used to cure heart attack


These drugs results in successive reduction of hearts work, in turn improve its normal functioning, helps in widening or dilation of the contracted vessels, decrease pain at any point of your body. These measures are very fruitful and help in understanding what damage a heart attack can cause.

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