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Heart Disease Facts, Death Factors and Protection

Heart Disease Facts

America’s Heart Disease Burden

  • In America almost 610,000 death are caused due to heart disorders.
  • The leading cause of death is the heart disease. It is worsen in both males and in females. In 2009 according to one estimate more than half of the deaths were related with the heart diseases.
  • Different heart diseases have different death causing ratios but coronary heart disease is the leading death causing disease.
  • 735,000 Americans are known to have heart attack annually. Among these most cases are related to the first heart attack.


Deaths Differ by Ethnicity

According to one estimate heart diseases are most common in ethnicities in America. In America American Indians and Asians heart disease is the second deadliest disease after cancer. Here is a simple list of the death caused due to heart diseases in America in 2008.

Race of Ethnic Group % of Deaths
African Americans 46.9
American Indians or Alaska Natives 41.5
Asians or Pacific Islanders 16.6
Hispanics 33.6
Whites 22.5
All 25.0


Deaths Differ by Geography or topography

According to general estimate death rates in 2008-2010 were highest for South and lowest for the West.

Respond Fast is the Key to Success

Responding faster after the symptoms appear is the key to cope with heart diseases. In 2008 almost 92% people respond against the chest pain as heart disease symptom while only 27% were well aware of the most of the symptoms of the heart disease.

It is proved that more than 47% of the cardiac deaths due to certain failure occur outside of the hospital.  It proved that most of the people don’t respond early when they have defect in their heart. Heart attack has the major signs and symptoms that are:

  • Sever pain in chest on both sides.
  • Pain in the upper region of the body including back, neck, arms and jaw.
  • Uneven cold sweats and nausea

rapid response

Americans at Risk of Heart Diseases

Increase in LDL cholesterol level, non-regularity in upper blood pressure and smoking too much are the leading factors against heart diseases. More than half Americans are addict of one of these. Other factors which increase the heart disease are:

  • Diabetes is the primary basis of heart attack
  • Increase in weight suddenly
  • Non uniform dietary habits
  • Lack of physical activities
  • Excessive alcoholic addiction

Protect your Loving Heart

Controlled blood pressure and decreasing cholesterol level to normal will improve your health and se you against heart diseases. Here are few tips to avoid sudden heart attack:

  • Take pills according to the medicament.
  • Make your nutrition well having negligible salt, fat, and cholesterol while rich in vegetables and fresh fruits.
  • Walk at least 15-20 minutes daily.

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