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Heat Illness

Beating the heat is very important in leading a healthy life. This is because many of the illnesses are derived from heat itself. These illnesses are usually not paid enough or sometimes no attention but in fact can cause severe problems in your body and even lead to other consequences. So you must keep in mind all the following points.

Heat stroke is a very serious symptom of heat illness. It is necessary to get medical attention during a stroke but the victim’s health is also affected a lot by the after affects. The bad part about heat strokes is that they come usually with no sign of heat exhaustion at all. But there are some symptoms you can look for. These contain dizziness, faster heart rate, loss of consciousness, high body temperatures even till 104 to 106 and also the shortness of breath.

If you are facing or any one else is facing these problems it is strongly advised that you go see a doctor to get your physical state checked. Heat also causes cramps in your body. These can be figured out by severely painful and immobilizing cramps that occur in the hands, feet and calves. Heat often causes heat exhaustion being a illness itself. This exhaustion ultimately leads to anxiety, fatigue, headache, nausea and muscle aches. Other signs of heat exhaustion include weakness and confusion especially when one usually faints from weakness.

Avoiding heat illness is also a very important job. This can be fought with proper hydration with fluids basically. It is a good habit to keep ice in your bottles for cool water intake. If you feel any of the symptoms then you should go to a well ventilated or air conditioned area as it will help a lot. An important task in this is to always get an abundance of fluids and salts. Act on these and never let your heart down from going out in the open.

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