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How common are the Breast Feeding Problems?

Breastfeeding a child is one of the best things a mother can do. Indeed, breast milk is the best way to bring nourishment for a newborn baby. With breastfeeding, all the needed nutrients needed by a developing and growing baby are provided. There are some problems that can arise from breastfeeding. Those are common occurrences. A mother with problems in breastfeeding may consult her doctor or a specialist in this area. Following are some ordinary setbacks a nursing mom encounters in the early stages of breastfeeding.

It is quite normal for the first feedings to be sort of problematic. As both mother and child adjust to this type of feeding, there would be some minor problems. A mother is encouraged to keep offering her breast. Professional lactation specialists can instruct you to just place your baby near your breast. This move would do wonders already as far as adjustments are concerned. When a baby shows disinterest in breastfeeding, still, offering your breast continually is a good solution. This disinterest can normally show from a few weeks to a few months.

Ensuring utmost privacy and quietness help facilitate interest in breastfeeding. Try to breastfeed this way.

Some babies fall asleep after a short while during breastfeeding. When this happens, you can perk him up. Do some stimulating and talking in order to maintain his attention to breastfeeding. Babies can get so comfy during a feeding that they just drift off to sleep. Don’t bundle him too much and get him much cozier. This can further encourage sleepiness.

When a mother feels she is lacking in milk supply, she should check for signs in order to be sure. But if her newborn is able to sleep sufficiently and is able to wet at least five diapers each day, then that means he’s getting enough milk. On the other hand, sleeplessness and diaper use of less than 5 may be a sign that he’s not feeding well. Babies who properly gain weight probably get enough breast milk.

Sensitive nipples are a common disturbance. You can consult your doctor for proper advice. Nursing mothers must remember that sensitivity of the nipples is temporary. There are many ways you can make it better. There are treatment options available for you.

Mothers who seem to produce much milk all the time and those who leak in between feedings are advised to store their extra milk. She should build an extra supply of milk. Freeze it for use when she is away. Make sure to extract milk only after you’ve sufficiently fed your baby. This is a good practice especially for those who often experience breast engorgement. Extract extra milk regularly after each feeding. You may notice the engorgement settling after some days.

Breastfeeding moms can suffer from serious infections at times. Breast infections like abscesses are occasionally experienced. These and mastitis must be cared for by a qualified professional physician. Lactation specialists may also help you treat this condition. Watch out for signs like severe and persisting breast pains and fever. Consult a doctor immediately if you suspect an infection.


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