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How Stroke affects the body

How Stroke affects the body

In USA stroke is the 4th promising cause of death, where after every 4 minutes one person is dying.

More than 800,000 thousand people are suffering with stroke each year, almost one in 40 seconds. Stroke is the most life threatening problem after, cancer, heart diseases and respiratory diseases. Stroke occurs whenever a patient has problem with blood supply system to the brain, either the blood vessels may rupture or blood supply completely stops. Moreover, stroke is known to be a medical emergency, and treatment must be given as soon as possible.


Types of stroke

How the two types of strokes occur:

There are two leading causes of stroke, either the blood may form clot in the artery or form plaque in the blood vessel in the brain, which stops the blood flow, or blood vessel may break or rupture due to sudden shock.

Blocked artery (ischaemic stroke)

Ischaemic stroke is the one which is caused due to any kind of blood clot. In normal life, blood clot is considered as beneficial, when you are bleeding due to any kind of wound, blood clots tend to slow down the bleeding, and eventually stop the bleeding, followed by healing process. However, in case of stroke, blood clots are very dangerous as they are known to block the arteries, which mostly cut off the blood flow.

types of stroke

It is generally known, that almost 80% strokes are ischemic.

Bleed in the brain (Haemorrhagic stroke)

Haemorrhagic strokes are caused due to the sudden break in the wall of blood vessel supplying blood to the brain. The results of this break can be seen in the form of leakage of blood into the brain. This may stop the supply of common nutrients and oxygen to the brain. It can be caused by various disorders which affect the flow of blood in the blood vessels. The results are eventually the cerebral aneurysms and long standing high blood pressure.

Aneurysm can be easily seen as a thin spot on the walls of the blood vessel. These are usually present by birth, but aneurysms known to develop over a number of years and no detectable problems are identified until they break.
20% of the strokes are haemorrhagic. It can be further categorised in to two types.

Mini stroke

Mini or minor stroke is the one, which is a transient ischaemic attack, usually happens when the signs and symptoms of stroke are present, but go away within a day. The common causes and symptoms are very much similar to those of stroke.

The TIA episodes are not long lasting, but may extend from few minutes to several hours. As the symptoms disappear quickly, so they are generally ignored. It is also a medical emergency condition and patient must be given medical aid as soon as possible. The consequences are so, 1 among the 5 affected individuals must get a major stroke in the next three months. It should never be ignored, because it a warning sign of major stroke.

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