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How to Get Protection Against Coronary Heart Disease

How to Get Protection Against Coronary Heart Disease

As a condition that often does not exhibit symptoms until it is well advanced, coronary heart disease can be very hard to face. The good news is there is quite a bit that each of us can do to minimize the chances of ever developing cardiac health problems. This article contains background information, about the condition that you should know, as well as some tips on how to lessen your chances of developing the disease.

Coronary disease of the cardiac muscle is a condition that develops when atheromatous plaques have collected along the walls of the arteries. This in turn causes the heart to work harder to process blood. The longer and harder the cardio system must work, the quicker the heart muscle begins to age and lose strength. The blockage becomes more pronounced as the heart becomes weaker. Eventually, this will lead to the individual experiencing shortness of breath and possibly chest pain. The condition does not develop overnight. In fact, it takes years of poor eating and exercising habits to create the groundwork for coronary problems to develop.

Reducing the chances of coronary health problems means making serious lifestyle changes. One of the major issues facing people today is that of obesity. Simply put, we have become an obese nation. Reducing our weight down to a reasonable level requires us to rethink the way we eat and how we choose to live. By adopting a lifestyle that includes less red meats and bleached breads, while increasing our intake of lean meats, poultry, fish, whole grains, fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables, can make a strong impact on the condition of our hearts. Eating less fat and a more balanced diet will put you well on your way to a healthier heart.

In like manner, we also have become a nation that hates how to exercise. Most of us would benefit from healthy activity of walking thirty minutes a day. When coupled with healthy eating, this type of regular moderate exercise can greatly decrease the chances for developing cardiovascular diseases.

If you smoke, then your first task is to stop. Studies have shown that cutting down does not significantly reduce your risk of developing any heart disease. Eliminate tobacco from your life and not only will you be doing your heart a favor, but also your lungs, blood vessels, and also your emotional state. For men, there is a big bonus to quitting smoking, as getting rid of the tobacco habit will often increase stamina and libido.

Coronary Heart Disease is a dangerous condition, but it is one that can be avoided in many cases by eating properly, getting enough rest and engaging in some sort of exercise several times a week.


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Updated: October 17, 2016 — 3:34 pm
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