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How to Hack Your Intelligence with Modafinil

We live in the 21st century and our world has become a pretty busy one. That means that we constantly have to try harder, do more, achieve better results, and keep improving ourselves. Whatever we do and wherever we go, it seems that the society demands the same from us — to always do more than on the previous day.

However, with only 24 hours in a day, we can’t help but feel limited. We often find ourselves in need of more time. In addition, apart from lacking time, we often lack energy too. While there is no way to get more than 24 hours per day, there are ways to better ourselves and achieve more in less time.

How are we supposed to do that? With some help from smart drugs such as Modafinil.

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Modafinil — the Answer to Our Prayers

Modafinil is a prescription drug that treats sleep-related disorders. So how does it boost our cognitive performance?  The answer is simple — Modafinil is not by nature a stimulant, but it acts like one. By promoting wakefulness, it increases our focus and enhances our overall performance, making us more productive.

Here is how it works.

According to, by increasing the levels of stimulatory neurotransmitters in our brain, Modafinil acts like a smart drug or a stimulant. For that reason, many students, entrepreneurs, and other high-achievers take it to boost their performance.

It has been scientifically proven that Modafinil enhances cognition, improves working memory and overall mood in healthy users, decreases fatigue, and reduces our need to sleep.

How Can Modafinil Help Us Be More Productive?

If we have a lot of work but we can’t seem to focus on it and actually start working — and that always happens sooner or later — Modafinil could help us out immensely. By increasing our focus and narrowing our eye span, it allows us to pay particular attention to anything that we start doing.

On top of that, Modafinil can make us feel motivated, which will make us even more eager to concentrate on working and achieving our goals in record time.

All of this means that Modafinil increases our cognitive function, making us, in a way, more intelligent. In turn, that allows us to perform our tasks in a better and faster way, without feeling overwhelmed or distracted. And that was all that we asked for in the beginning, wasn’t it?

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Updated: November 26, 2018 — 1:04 pm
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