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How to last longer in bed Naturally – Tips & Tricks

If there is one topic that relates to the bedroom for men is how to last longer in bed. There is a lot of variations in the researches about time a man can last in bed. Some say it is seven and a half minutes, while some say it is 5 minutes on an average without ejaculation, but surprisingly both analysis is accurate because both were researched and experienced in different regions and contexts. That is why it varies.

Men that struggles with premature ejaculation can last less than two minutes on an average. But if you are also struggling, then the good news is that it is diagnosable. Treatments to increase the stamina are mostly the same for every person. Here we will discuss the procedures and techniques. There is a lot of misinformation on the internet and a lot of beneficial information regarding the last longer in bed as well.

Tips to last longer in bed

There is 45% of a man under the age of 40 years from all over the world struggle with their stamina during sex with his partner according to research. The problem is that maximum a man can last on bed seven minutes and 20 seconds, which is almost 3 minutes less than a women ideal time that she can continue. Here are some tips for maintaining the stamina during sex.

  • Control on Mind

Control of mind is most famous for a man to last longer in bed. The distraction of mind releases the pressure, and your partner feels better as well. There is a better way to control the intention to run through the mathematical calculation in the brain to distract yourself. It is not the only one you can do anything to distract your mind. Whether, it can be changing positions, breaking rhythms, etc.

  • Pelvic Exercises

Men must do pelvic exercises, as well as women, do pelvic exercises to increase the stamina. Pelvic exercises not only beneficial for women. IT is useful for men as well. Clenching this muscle for ten seconds before releasing. Try to stretch your body with three sets of ribs with small rest between these.

  • Use of Desensitizers

Desensitizers creams help to lessen the sensitivity of a man’s penis when applied on that before sex. With the help of that, a man can last longer than his regular or average time in the bed. There is another scenario that experienced with the usage that it can also desensitize the organisms of your partner. Then it was used inside the thick condoms to desensitizing the man’s penis. That is some matters not effects the partner’s tissues.

  • Adult Circumcision

A small cut of the foreskin from the top of man’s penis sometimes decrease the sensitization. Seldom, it has researched that not cut from write spot then it can be reversed as discussed and cause of premature ejaculation. In short, adult circumcision can work as natural desensitizer with visible no side effect as desensitizer creams.

  • Weight Gain/Loss

There are a lot of weight-related stats shows unbelievable effects. A short research of 200 men’s experiments shows higher the body mass index a man lasted longer than lower BMI (Body Mass Index). Because the overweighed man considered that it would ejaculate earlier than the lower weight, that is why it was unbelievable.

According to American research that as much will be weight, the sexual stamina of men become worse. Because most of Americans over 40 years age overweighed and they mostly struggle with premature ejaculation, but this can be less acceptable because over 40 men will fight because of their age factor.

  • Use of a Vegetarian Diet

Vegetables are the most beneficial diet to increase sexual stamina vegetables are a rich source of amino acids potassium and other energy ingredients which make a man stronger and harder to last longer in bed some of beneficial herbs and fruits are watermelon, apples, and ginger, banana, oats, ginger, Nuts and many more.

Bottom Line

Tips & tricks shared in that topic are research-based on different authentic health and wellness organizations. We try our best to answer how to last longer in bed with natural ways as well as with some medical terms. Control on the mind can be convenient, but not everyone able to keep the power of the brain. Thick condoms, desensitizers, and adult circumcision can manage the sensitivity of a man’s penis. If you had experienced some other tips or remedies, then you can contribute to the comments part to help more reader of that article.

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Updated: August 15, 2019 — 4:50 pm
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