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How to Loose Extra Pounds Around Your Belly

Belly fat has been the number one problem for both men and women and is the first and foremost target of both sexes to trim down. Cutting off the fats in your belly can be hard if you don’t have self discipline since you are going to stay away from the usual diet plan and routine that you are having. Exercise will be another component to get rid of belly fat, achieve a flatter stomach and make your abdominal muscles more prominent.

Exercise to Lose Belly Fat


You can trim down excess fat by simply using bicycle instead of driving a car when going to a place nearby. You save the environment from pollution and at the same time you burn fats and tone down your thigh and lower abdominal muscles. This can be a head start towards a belly fat loss.

Sit-up workout help belly fat loss and you don’t need to be in a gym to execute this exercise. You can do this at home while you have time to spare or even while watching television. It is more enjoyable if you choose a music that has a beat which can push you and make you more determined.
Step1 – lie down flat on a mat, bend your knees and ensure that the balls of your feet as well as your heels are resting on the ground.

Step 2- Cross your arms over your chest – this will be your rising point. You can also cross your arms behind your head however, ensure that you will not use your arm strength to push your head and upper body for it will just strain the arms and as well as the neck.

Step 3- slowly lift your head followed by the shoulder blades while your feet and heels are still flat on the ground. Gently contract your abdominal muscles while you’re at it and pull up until you achieve a ninety degree angle. As you do this, inhale and exhale slowly to avoid fatigue.

Step4 – Stay in this position for 3 to 5 seconds, inhale as you slowly get back to your rising point.

Step 5- Repeat for 5 to 10 times or until you can still tolerate it, do this for 30 minutes each day adding up a cycle when you gain enough strength and can tolerate more.
To build oblique muscles you can also do oblique sit ups, bicycle sit ups and if you are experiencing back pain you can still do some sit ups with the use of an exercise ball just make sure that you consult first your physician if you have back problems before pursuing the exercise.

• Alternating dumbbell row

Get two dumbbells to do this exercise at ease but if you don’t have any and you want to practice at home, grab some stuff that has weight on it like a 500 ml or 1 litter water container filled with water or sand.
Step 1 – Stand with your knees slightly bent and feet in shoulder width distance while holding a dumbbell on each hand.

Step 2 – bend your hips while having a straight back as you lower down your torso until it’s just parallel with the floor. Ensure that you make your back straight so that strains to the muscle can be avoided.

Step 3 – Let your arms hang freely without losing control to it, pull the dumbbell on your left hand up to the side of your torso and then put it down and while its down, pull the dumbbell on your right hand up and vice versa. Alternate the steps

Step 4 – repeat for 6 to 10 times depending on your tolerance.

Diet to Lose Belly Fat
There are a lot of foods that can contribute to belly fat weight loss and help you maintain, shape and tone up your muscles. Some these foods are:
• Whole wheat – it contains a lot of fibre which facilitates faster excretion of fats. The fat content that is in the food you eat can be absorbed by the fibre found in wheat hence it stops the fat from accumulating in your belly. Try to indulge yourself with a whole wheat bread for breakfast together with your favourite tuna or vegetable salad.
• Fish – it contains omega 3 fatty acids which promote fat loss around the belly plus it gives your heart a good start since it helps clear off the fat deposits found in the blood vessels. Salmon, mackerel and tuna are just some examples of fish that contains lots of omega 3.
• Soy milk – if you want to pair up your wheat bread for breakfast, substitute cow’s milk with soy milk for it is healthier and researches show that it is closely linked to belly fat loss.
• Leafy green vegetables – vegetables that are green and fresh have a lot of nutrient content that the body needs without the extra calories to make you fat. It aids in digestion and at the same time absorbs the fat in your diet thus excreting it out of the body.
These tips can do the trick to lose extra pounds around your belly without sacrificing your health. Losing belly fat for men and women can be close at hand if you follow this regimen and maintain disciplined routine.

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