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Is Your Skin Sensitive

Does your skin show sign of irritation, redness, itching when you use certain beauty products or does exposure to sun, wind, cold redden your skin and / or make it feel itchy? If yes, then you might be having a sensitive skin.

This type of skin is very unpredictable, and in extreme cases can react to even your household items. Sensitive skin tends to be thin, delicate, and is prone to frequent allergies and rashes. The skin becomes red and blotchy, with visible surface veins.

Degree of sensitivity varies in every individual, so before starting any treatment regime, first find out the resistance power of your skin. The key to normalize sensitive skin is to use a good quality, natural skin care system and follow a daily skin care regime.

Do’s –

  • Use the simplest and purest products- colour free, alcohol free, fragrance free and yes, no preservative also.
  • Before using any new product, it’s very important that you test it on one or two small areas like behind your ear or on hands at least three to four times. Go for it only if there is no skin reaction.
  • If possible use only natural or home made products.
  • Keep skin clean always. Wash your face maximum twice a day with a natural pH balanced cleanser. Sandal wood in fine oatmeal with a little milk and rose water makes a gentle cleanser.
  • While going out it is important to use a sun block because sensitive skin can easily get discoloured or age spots may appear. Use a sunscreen with only physical ingredients such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide which deflects the UV rays rather than absorb them.
  • While applying make-up, try using minimal products and those which are hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic.
  • Keep a track of cosmetic expiry dates and throw out old ones.
  • Always use cosmetics that do not contain many ingredients. The more the number of ingredients, more the probability of it causing a problem.
  • While going for a facial inform the beautician that you have a sensitive skin. Facial massage works good as it stimulates blood circulation and relaxes facial muscles.
  • Drink plenty of water to detox for making your skin glow.
  • Maintain a healthy dietary habit which includes fresh fruits, green vegetables and nuts.
  • Follow a daily exercise regime to get that radiant glow from inside

Dont’s –

  • Avoid greasy products that may block skin pores and cause pimples and black heads. Instead use water based moisturizers or one that is specially designed for sensitive skin so as to soften and give a soothing effect.
  • While bathing or washing face, avoid steam or very hot water. Hot baths, saunas, steams may lead to broken capillaries.
  • Do not use water proof cosmetics which require solvent to be removed, because they also remove the sebum which is the only natural barrier on our skin, thus exposing it to irritants.

Attention!! Sensitive skin requires a little more care than normal skin. Just add a dash of extra effort, patience and the right product, to land up with the perfect skin.


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