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Keratitis: causes, symptoms, treatments

Keratitis is an infection of the cornea, an outer membrane covering the eye. This ocular infection is usually related to the wearing of contact lenses. Nevertheless, an impact received at the level of the eye can also lead to such an infection.

Definition of keratitis

The eye can often be damaged by objects, dust, and others. The cornea, the membrane covering the eye, can be damaged or even infected.

Infection with a bacterium or a fungus can also cause corneal contamination. In this context, pain and inflammation of the eye, and especially of the cornea, can develop keratitis.

This type of infection can result, in particular, a reduction of the field of vision, a vision that becomes blurred, or the cornea that erodes.

Corneal infections can also leave scars on the eye , impacting the visual quality of the person and may even require corneal transplantation.

This infection of the cornea can be treated by anti-bacterial drops, at first. If the infection is more severe, antibiotic therapy or anti-fungal treatment may be prescribed to eliminate the infection.

Causes of keratitis

Keratitis, an infection of the cornea, is usually related to the wearing of contact lenses. The infection is then due to a neglected or poorly adapted hygiene of the lenses, or to the wearing of lenses during the night.

In rarer cases, this infection can be the result of scratches, or objects received at the eye.

A deterioration of the infection may also be visible if it is not treated accordingly. The vision can then be impacted, or even leave visible traces, such as scars.

Symptoms of keratitis

Clinical signs and general symptoms, related to keratitis, are:

  • pain in the eye
  • redness in the eye
  • a sensitivity to light
  • watery eyes without reason
  • a troubled vision.

At first, it will be a gene felt in the eye. The pain will become more and more intense as a result of the development of an ulcer on the surface of the cornea. This ulcer can sometimes be visible. Indeed, it can be likened to a small white button, developing at the level of the iris of the eye.

Risk factors for keratitis

The main factor, related to the development of keratitis, is the wearing of contact lenses, especially when the associated hygiene is not complete.

Other risk factors may, however, be related to this, particularly when objects are projected onto the eye.

How to treat keratitis?

The prescription of antibiotics, in the form of drops or eye drops, is the flagship treatment of keratitis. The frequency of the catch is consistent, on the beginning of the infection, sometimes going up to all the hours and even during the night.

During the visibility of the ulcer as well as its reduction, the frequency of taking this antibiotic is then less. As part of a non-reduction of symptoms, as a result of a few days, another antibiotic may be prescribed.

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